How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 14 2015

'Mamma Mia' quartet EMS
'Ten Days in a Mad-House' muckraker BLY
'This is a surprise!' IHADNOIDEA
'Toy Story' dinosaur REX
2004 film featuring Paris TROY
2010 New York Times best seller subtitled 'Sounds Like a Rainbow' JIMI
2011 Flo Rida hit with the lyric 'She ain't no rock star, but she got groupies' WHODATGIRL
Abbr. after 'Rev.' or before 'dev.' STD
About to crash, apparently SLEEPYEYED
Application suffix EXE
Be a motormouth YAP
Big name in laptops VAIO
Big name in scales DETECTO
Bismarck-to-Billings dir WSW
Blunt hit TOKE
Blunts, e.g CIGARS
Brand that supports women? MAIDENFORM
Cab and others REDS
Cary Grant or Betty Grable SCREENIDOL
Chockablock RIFE
Classic record label that rejected the Beatles with the comment 'Groups with guitars are on the way out' DECCA
Con victim PIGEON
Counterpart of 'to' FROM
Emulated a cat burglar SNEAKED
Exposes, old-style OPES
Fabric used in adhesive pads MOLESKIN
Factor in force MASS
Fooled (with) TAMPERED
Free light shows AURORAS
Gangsters' counterparts, informally FEDS
Go too far, e.g ERR
Grp. with the slogan 'Every child. One voice' PTA
Handel's '___, Galatea e Polifemo' ACI
Hankered ACHED
Hankering URGE
Head doc? ENT
Height APEX
Height ACME
It names an annual Sexiest Woman Alive ESQUIRE
It's to be expected NORM
Knock for a loop ADDLE
Language introduced in 1995 JAVASCRIPT
Like Confucius, often QUOTED
Like many works with 'To' in their titles ODIC
Like some pickups ONETON
Major menace OGRE
Man on a mission, maybe PADRE
Michele of 'Glee' LEA
Mother of Richard I ELEANOR
Old sitcom family name PETRIE
Olivia who won a Razzie for 'Bolero' and 'Conan the Destroyer' DABO
Overseas alternative? OTRO
Parlor product made with an iron WAFFLECONE
Rate word PER
Scratch EKE
Short, imaginative tales CONTES
Sounds accompanying light bulbs? AHAS
Sparks in old films NED
Subject to dispute MOOT
Talked bull? MOOED
They have an infamous gap NIXONTAPES
Top-selling app of 2010 ANGRYBIRDS
Torts course taker, typically ONEL
Trap locale PIPE
Treat with pudding and graham crackers ICEBOXCAKE
What's a big hit with the school board? KARATECHOP
Where a techie hooks up SERIALPORT
Words before a major pronouncement IDO
___ Style Awards ELLE
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