How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 11 2013

'That's all ___ wrote!' SHE
'___, old chap!' ISAY
24-hr. source of money ATM
48-Across east of Java BALI
A little lit TIPSY
Actress Arthur BEA
Actress Farrow MIA
Actress who married Justin Timberlake in 2012 JESSICABIEL
Adam and Eve's garden EDEN
Aid and ___ ABET
Ancient native of 45-Across INCA
Antlered animal ELK
Archipelago part ISLE
Arm or leg LIMB
Aunt, in Acapulco TIA
Certain woodwind OBOE
Coat and ___ TIE
Colored eye part IRIS
Country south of Ecuador PERU
Deep yellow AMBER
Descendant SCION
Edmonton hockey team OILERS
Employ USE
Even's opposite ODD
Event Cinderella attended BALL
Farming-related: Prefix AGRO
Fe, chemically IRON
Foot-long sandwich HERO
Ford or Lincoln CAR
French friend AMI
Friendly send-off TAKECARE
Get the hang of LEARN
Got a kick out of RELISHED
Home to the N.F.L.'s Saints, informally NOLA
Hot dog, informally WEENIE
Housetops ROOFS
How to 'go where no man has gone before' BOLDLY
Initials at the start of a memo FYI
Legally obligated LIABLE
Like a coincidence that makes you go 'Hmm ...' EERIE
Louisiana body of water BAYOU
Luau neckwear LEI
Make into law ENACT
Marsh BOG
Meadow LEA
No ___, ands or buts IFS
Nullify, as a law REPEAL
Onetime name at New York's Rockefeller Center RCABUILDING
Open wider, as a pupil DILATE
Paranormal power, for short ESP
Personal enforcer in 'The Godfather' LUCABRASI
Planet with rings SATURN
Projector inserts SLIDES
QB Namath or Montana JOE
Ring up CALL
Serious-looking GRIM
Shortening brand CRISCO
Sign between Cancer and Virgo LEO
Skill with a paintbrush, say ARTISTICABILITY
Split the taxi fare ... and what the words do in 18-, 24-, 39- and 55-Across SHAREACAB
Sports venue ARENA
Swindle SCAM
Talk over DISCUSS
Taproom order ALE
The Eagles' '___ Eyes' LYIN
Traditional Valentine's Day gift ROSES
Trims the lawn MOWS
Turkish military leader AGHA
Use a wire brush on SCRUB
Utterly hopeless ABJECT
Writing on the wall GRAFFITI
Young ___ (kids) UNS
___ alai JAI
___ cit. (footnote abbr.) LOC
___ Dhabi ABU
___ of life (part of 70-Across) TREE
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