How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 10 2002

'... for ___ care!' ALLI
'Ed Wood' director Burton TIM
'Farmer in the Dell' syllables HIHO
'Hud' Oscar winner NEAL
'Mystery!' shower PBS
'Star Wars' name VADER
'The Day the Earth Stood Still' star Michael RENNIE
1040 info: Abbr. SSN
23rd Hebrew letter TAV
A mile a minute SIXTY
Adds pizazz to ENLIVENS
Aeneas abandoned her DIDO
Announcement in a waiting area: Abbr. ETD
Anxious UNEASY
At the front of the line NEXT
Author Dinesen ISAK
Baby bloomer? PETITEROSE
Bad moods PETS
Bars on cars TIERODS
Bibliog. space saver ETAL
Big sizes, briefly XLS
Bit in a horse's mouth OAT
Boy-girl link MEETS
Bozos OAFS
Camera type, briefly SLR
Causes of rain in London? BRITAINSTORMS
Censorship-fighting org. ACLU
Channel choker SILT
Class-conscious org.? NEA
Come after ENSUE
Convince SELL
D.C. donator PAC
Dallas dribbler, briefly MAV
Danube locale: Abbr. AUS
Decision for Dracula? TOBITEORNOTTOBITE
Deeply touched, perhaps INTEARS
Dept. of Labor arm OSHA
Do away with ERASE
Does a Sylvester impression LISPS
Eden was one EARL
Erred big-time BLEWIT
European erupter ETNA
Evening bell VESPER
Exemplar of dryness BONE
Fashion letters YSL
Fathom GRASP
Favorite babysitters, maybe NANAS
Fictional circumnavigator FOGG
Fiesta fare TACOS
First word of Virgil's 'Aeneid' ARMA
Flat contracts LEASES
Flies and such BAIT
Flippant attitude toward the I.R.S.? TAXLEVITY
For-display-only deli items? FAUXPITAS
Frog removers? AHEMS
Go places TRAVEL
Green dessert LIMEPIE
Gut reaction? OOF
Half a platter FLIPSIDE
Hard show to get tickets for SMASH
Hardly subtle OBVIOUS
Harry's successor IKE
Have a sudden inspiration? GASP
Heavens: Prefix URANO
Ice cream purchases PINTS
In a lather HETUP
Joust verbally SPAR
Kilted musician everyone feels sorry for? PITIEDPIPER
Knocker's announcement ITSME
Lab work TESTS
Leaning letters: Abbr. ITAL
Lens cover? EYELID
Like some restaurant orders TOGO
Literally, 'injured' LESE
Magazine fallout? INSERTS
Many an excuse LIE
Marian, for one MAID
Matzoh meal? SEDER
Med. country ISR
Mixer of a sort TONIC
Money for who-knows-what SLUSHFUND
Monte ___ of Cooperstown IRVIN
Mosque heads IMAMS
Most musty STALEST
Mr. Television BERLE
Mule of song SAL
Museum piece RELIC
Nevada native PAIUTE
No Mensa member DUNCE
Norwegian saint OLAF
Not in custody ATLARGE
Olympics souvenir PIN
One of a Hollywood crowd? EXTRA
One of the friends on 'Friends' ROSS
One-piece swimsuit MAILLOT
Pay to play ANTE
Phantasmal EERIE
Pitcher's delivery SPIEL
Place to patrol COASTLINE
Poets' dark periods EENS
Political columnist Charen MONA
Polynesian pendant TIKI
Potherb mint HYSSOP
Protest that eventually dies out? MORTALSITIN
Put up POST
Quantum physics particle MESON
Rival of Ajax COMET
Rough breathing RALE
Salon job RINSE
Satirist Mort SAHL
See 80-Down CUBS
Shooter's setting FSTOP
Small portions DRAMS
Some advertisers buy it AIRTIME
Song that doesn't go on forever? FINITETUNE
Soprano TREBLE
Squeezing (out) EKING
Stage award OBIE
Star sci. ASTR
Superman's mother LARA
Support BRACE
Tabloid twosome ITEM
Targets, collectively HITLIST
Touch upon ABUT
Track meet lineup HURDLES
W.W. II bombers RAF
Walled off ISOLATED
Watering holes INNS
Well-mannered gymnast? POLITEVAULTER
Went wild RANRIOT
Where El Niño comes from SPANISH
With 79-Across, babes in the woods? BEAR
___ Island STATEN
___'Pea SWEE
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