How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 08 2019

'Doctor Who' actor David tennant
'That was totally out of line' notcool
1935 Nobelist Joliot-Curie irene
1997-2006 U.N. chief annan
A.L. lineup fixtures dhs
Between jobs and loving it funemployed
Big name in yo-yos duncan
Bird symbolizing daybreak lark
Bushwa rot
Busted flatbroke
Calculating competitors mathletes
California's Point ___ reyes
Camel purchaser, e.g smoker
Canyonlands National Park feature mesa
Chose from the lineup, in brief ided
Consist of are
Cropped up arisen
Defining accomplishment claimtofame
Derby, e.g hat
Desert gullies wadis
Drummer John of Led Zeppelin bonham
Endure, in an expression bearit
First-rate choice
Fish order sole
Former 'Top Chef' judge emeril
Gaiety mirth
Home of 30 Rock nyc
Horror film sequel of 2005 sawii
In full measure richly
In the wings or in full swing idiom
Is on board? surfs
Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___ abe
Joint acct. info ssns
Largely monosyllabic language lao
Lifelong pals, slangily bffs
Like poppy seeds tiny
Liverpool-to-Nottingham dir ese
Mark up, perhaps edit
Metric unit iamb
Military pilot's waiting area readyroom
Mineral on the Mohs scale talc
Modern cry of success forthewin
Muscle strengthened in rowing, briefly lat
Natural coats rimes
Naval forces armadas
Naval inits hms
Not out of it aware
Official approval imprimatur
One might be sent with a scent loveletter
One of four for an ostrich toe
Originates (from) stems
Perfect hone
Pfizer product viagra
Piques whets
Primary course entree
Pronoun in both 'America' and 'America the Beautiful' thee
Prospectors' prospects lodes
Recorded, as data keyedin
Savor the flattery eatitup
Shakers and Quakers sects
Something to shuck earofcorn
Southpaw lefty
Standish of Plymouth Colony myles
Subjects for saving souls
These: Fr ces
Trap for the unwary pitfall
Twist skew
Unit on a utility bill therm
Way to get fit while you sit chairyoga
___ pants knee
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