How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 08 2010

'... one giant leap for ___': Neil Armstrong MANKIND
'But what to do?!' DEARME
'Whose ___ these are I think I know': Frost WOODS
*Bloody Mary seasoner TABASCOSAUCE
*It may end up in a chop shop STOLENCAR
*See 9-Across BODY
*Supplier of electricity to subway trains THIRDRAIL
*What you drop uncooked spaghetti or a tea bag into BOILINGWATER
*With 68-Across, lingerie model's asset SEXY
800, to Caesar DCCC
Accepted, as a proposal AGREEDTO
Affirmative votes AYES
All alone SOLO
Alternative strategy if things don't work out PLANB
Assembly of 100 SENATE
Bert's Muppet buddy ERNIE
Capital of England, to Parisians LONDRES
Cast-___ stomach IRON
Cause for a game delay RAIN
Caustic drain opener LYE
Caviar or frogs' legs DELICACY
Change for a five ONES
Citrus soft drink introduced in the 1960s FRESCA
Continental coin EURO
Cursor movers MICE
Dentistry photos XRAYS
Diamond bases BAGS
Drink through a straw SUCK
Egg on GOAD
Élève's school ECOLE
Equipment in craps DICE
Existed LIVED
Franklin known as the Queen of Soul ARETHA
Fraternal group ELKS
Frigate or freighter SHIP
Gal in an old song standard SAL
Gives in YIELDS
Grimm figure OGRE
Harvard and Wharton degs. MBAS
Hawaiian wingding LUAU
Him: Fr. LUI
Husk-wrapped Mexican dish TAMALE
Imitates APES
It means nothing NIL
Joins, as oxen YOKES
Kind of terrier SKYE
Lined up, after 'in' AROW
Mass-market fragrance maker COTY
Mini-plateau MESA
Mount ___, California observatory site PALOMAR
Old Navy libation GROG
On the job ATWORK
Online auction house EBAY
Outerwear for an operagoer CLOAK
Own up to one's sins CONFESS
PC bailout key ESC
Popular pain reliever ADVIL
Prefix with iliac SACRO
Prez after Give 'em Hell Harry IKE
Private eyes, for short TECS
River through Florence ARNO
Sahara's place AFRICA
Scouting outing HIKE
Shaving mishap NICK
Sister's daughter NIECE
Slippery, as winter sidewalks ICY
Smooth, in music LEGATO
Start of an act SCENEI
Starting on ASOF
Stranded in the middle of the ocean, say ISLED
The 'A' in A/V AUDIO
Thing in an ashtray BUTT
Where the Blues Brothers got their start, familiarly SNL
Width's opposite: Abbr. LGTH
Word describing the answer to each of the starred clues HOT
___ Millions (multistate lottery) MEGA
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