How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 07 2019

'I'll spring for it' onme
'My assumption is ...' idaresay
'No one can get in a fight by himself,' informally takestwototan
A very long time back agesa
Adjutant aide
Air condition? wind
Archived document deed
Babies in a pond slings
Band with a slash in its name acdc
Banded stones agates
Basted, e.g sewn
Be hot under the collar boil
Body building block protein
Carriages in Kew Gardens prams
Classic song with the lyric 'I'll see you in my dreams' odnightirene
Current device ammeter
Delivery door location, often rear
Diamond datum atbat
Dig, in a way jab
Downed a sub? ate
Dweller on the Arabian Sea omani
Far from subtle actors hams
Fired axed
Flip out ... or a hint to eight answers in this puzzle goovertheedge
Foams froths
Get along manage
Goethe's 'The ___-King' erl
Having a white blanket snowy
Indigenous Peruvian inca
Is nostalgic for misses
Jerks twits
Latin word on a dollar bill ordo
Like the German article 'der': Abbr masc
Littlest piggy runt
Mild cheese edam
National park in Utah zion
Occur to, with 'on' dawn
Old Scottish title thane
Opposite of staccato legato
Pipe part stem
Powerful checker king
Pro side ayes
Progenitor of the Edomites, in the Bible esau
Provider of directions to a farmer vane
Put pressure on tax
Robert Burns's 'since' syne
Rows oars
Rum cocktail zombie
S. Amer. land ecu
San ___, Italy remo
School tech class site pclab
Second-longest-running Broadway musical ever (after 'The Phantom of the Opera') chica
Silky cottons sateens
Sir William ___, medical pioneer osler
Snap, Crackle and Pop, e.g trio
Some expensive dental work ldteeth
Some Windows systems nts
Staples of 'Poor Richard's Almanack' saws
Starting point for a platypus egg
Steam ire
Supply that no one's supposed to find stash
Things kids sometimes draw lots
Time of day, in ads nite
Universal global
Welled (up) teared
Whack ice
What optical readers do scan
What you may call it? noun
What's honed on the range? lfgame
Where Copy and Paste appear editmenu
World traveler since 1985 carmensandie
Wow awe
Wrangler, for one jeep
Writer Umberto ___ eco
___ Cinemas, second-largest theater chain in the U.S regal
___ Constitution uss
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