How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 06 2007

'Apollo 13' co-star KEVINBACON
'It ___ Be You' HADTO
'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' figure MONK
'The best ___ to come' ISYET
'___ you kidding?' ARE
Alternative to whole or 2% SKIM
Approximately 1,600 feet, for the Brooklyn Bridge SPAN
Ballerina's garb TUTU
Bearded animal GOAT
Bombards with bogus offers, say SPAMS
Chemistry Nobelist Otto HAHN
Chief Olympian ZEUS
Church candle lighter ACOLYTE
Colorful computer IMAC
Comic's gimmick SCHTICK
Comment to a goner YOURETOAST
Computer character set, for short ASCII
Costume OUTFIT
Crown prince, e.g. HEIR
Czar's treasure FABERGEEGG
Fervency ARDOR
Followers of appetizers ENTREES
Fruity alcoholic brand ZIMA
Go a few rounds BOX
Hardly a moderate ULTRA
Hopalong Cassidy player William BOYD
Horn sound TOOT
How much music is sold nowadays ONCDS
How much to pay COST
Ignores SHUNS
In a lather UPSET
Isn't anymore WAS
John, in Russia IVAN
Lady's escort GENT
Land of Esau's descendants EDOM
Life of Riley EASE
Like most potato chips SALTY
Malarial symptom AGUE
Mars' Greek counterpart ARES
Mean Amin IDI
Milk purchase QUART
Most common U.S. surname SMITH
Mustachioed Don of classic films AMECHE
Not exactly a brainiac IDIOT
Not this or that OTHER
Office missive MEMO
Offshoot of the Winnebago tribe OTOE
Offshoot of the Winnebagos IOWAS
Prayer start OGOD
Preacher's reading TEXT
Princess' accessory TIARA
Professor 'iggins ENRY
Sandwich go-with SOUP
Serve as a mediator INTERCEDE
Skipper: Abbr. CAPT
Soft shoes, informally MOCS
Some cowboys GAUCHOS
Soul singer James ETTA
Sparked, as curiosity PIQUED
Sport ___ (vehicle) UTE
Started eating DUGIN
Stearns & Foster competitor SERTA
Suffered defeat at the hands of LOSTTO
Tennis's Arthur ASHE
Uncool sorts NERDS
Up to now SOFAR
Vampire's form BAT
Wranglers, e.g. JEEPS
Yalta conf. attendee FDR
Yalta conf. locale USSR
___ nova BOSSA
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