How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 02 2003

'Acoustic Soul' singer India.___ ARIE
'An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding' essayist HUME
'I demand to see cash up-front!' SHOWMETHEMANET
'Is that a new man you're dating?' WHOSDEGASISAWYOUWITH
'It's a group effort, guys!' WARHOLINTHISTOGETHER
'That's very fitting!' HOWARPROPRIATE
'That's ___ ...' ODD
'This could lead to something big!' WHATANHOPPERTUNITY
'This early?' SOSOON
'Uh-uh' NAH
'What ___?' ELSE
'You're not O.K. with that, bub?' WYETHTHEREAPROBLEM
1990 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees THEWHO
A violinist might use one or take one BOW
Absorbed RAPT
African antelope NYALA
Ancient Hebrew liquid measure HIN
Another name for the biblical Esau EDOM
Ant, maybe PEST
Author Rand AYN
Away's partner FAR
Bagel topper CARAWAY
Barely touched KISSED
Basketmaker's supplies OSIERS
Béret setting TETE
Best Actress of 2000 ROBERTS
Brainiac WHIZ
Bubbly ALIVE
Business card abbr. TEL
Campus site DORM
Certain bowling target NINEPIN
Conception IMAGE
Counting method TENS
Court figure NETMAN
Decks out ATTIRES
Declines to take part, with 'out' OPTS
Diameter symbols, in math PHIS
Directive to a chauffeur HOME
Doe or heifer SHE
Doo-___ WOP
Fabric purchase: Abbr. YDS
Fat removal, for short LIPO
First name in horror LON
First name in mysteries AGATHA
Fixes at a gallery REHANGS
Fraternity characters RHOS
Freezes up TENSES
Gallery area SOHO
Game player's rackful TILES
Give in to gravity SAG
Go right GEE
Grande LARGE
Groundskeeper's supply SOD
Haircut style BUTCH
Hardly a brainiac TWIT
He ran from Iran SHAH
Heading in cable TV listings SHO
Hello or goodbye ALOHA
Iago's wife EMILIA
Ibsen's home OSLO
In the attic STORED
It was dropped in the 60's LSD
Jazz pianist Allison MOSE
Jewelers' offerings BERYLS
Kind of party TOGA
Kind of support TECH
Like some gas: Abbr. REG
Links to esophagi PHARYNGES
Look of lust LEER
Los Angeles attraction, with 'the' GETTY
Lousy egg? NIT
Mail letters APO
Makes up? ELATES
Mathematical quantity acted upon OPERAND
Mobile home?: Abbr. ALA
Napping ADOZE
New Criticism poet Allen ___ TATE
Not so feminine TOMBOYISH
Not unwilling? TESTATE
Novel that includes Robin Hood IVANHOE
Objects of much ribbing SORESPOTS
Old monarch TSAR
One for the road CAR
One of the Jacksons TITO
Orchestra sect. STR
Party member, maybe POL
Paste ingredient TOMATO
Popular Perón EVA
Pother ADO
Predisposed about PRONETO
Prefix with -phile OENO
Prefix with dermis EPI
Queens diamond holder SHEA
Ring of color AREOLA
River to the Caspian URAL
Rossini's 'The Thieving ___' MAGPIE
Sarge, for one NCO
Scene of a May 1942 U.S. victory in W.W. II CORALSEA
Scope KEN
Shenyang-born conductor OZAWA
Sliding door site VAN
Some Teamsters CARTERS
Spoil TURN
Sported WORE
Stimulate WHET
Suffix with access ORY
Surface EMERGE
Table scrap ORT
Tanks and such ARMOR
They go on for miles ODOMETERS
They need bottle openers GENIES
They're boring YAWNERS
Thingamajig DOODAD
Top to bottom ANTONYM
Try to reach the hard-of-hearing? YELL
Ulnae neighbors HUMERI
Union strikers REBS
Urban sitting place STOOP
Want ad inits. EOE
What may follow you ARE
What to pay SUM
When repeated, start of an old antacid jingle PLOP
Where Pietermaritzburg is NATAL
Wire transfer?: Abbr. ELEC
Word of agreement AMEN
___ buco OSSO
___ Khan ALY
___ Lindgren, creator of Pippi Longstocking ASTRID
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