How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 30 2007

'Dancing With the Stars' winner ___ Ohno APOLO
'Don't ___ word!' SAYA
'Endymion' poet KEATS
'Have some!' EAT
'I beg to differ!' NOTSO
'Jurassic Park' actress DERN
'Kiss my grits' lady FLO
'Passion' director GODARD
'Revolutionary' piece by Chopin ETUDE
'Set ___ the doors, O soul!': Whitman OPE
'So ___ be on my way / In the early mornin' rain' (Gordon Lightfoot lyric) IBEST
'The Oath' author Frank PERETTI
'The ___ Cat' (Tom and Jerry short) ZOOT
'The ___ Kid' CISCO
'___ big deal!' ITSNO
1/2 and 1/3 parts SLASHES
1945 battle site, for short IWO
1986 Gene Hackman film HOOSIERS
A wee hour ONEOCLOCK
Accord of 1985? USEDCAR
Advantages PROS
Alphabet trio RST
Animal pouch SAC
Artificial heat? TOYGUN
Avalons, e.g. TOYOTAS
Banks on a runway TYRA
Before, in verse ERE
Bobstays, e.g. ROPES
Borodin's 'Prince ___' IGOR
Bourg's department AIN
Breaches GAPS
Cadaverous ASHEN
Cardinal's home NEST
Cen. parts YRS
Certain computer connection, briefly DSL
Cheater hunters, maybe IRSAGENTS
Clarinetist's purchase REED
Class in factories PROLETARIAT
Cole Porter's 'You Don't Know ___' PAREE
Contents of some scrolls TORAH
Crawl (with) TEEM
Cultural funding org. NEA
Date with a dr. APPT
Dec. holiday plans? RANDR
Deli offering PASTRAMI
Dietary abbr. RDA
Dish with stir-fried rice noodles PADTHAI
Dr. Octavius, Spider-Man foe OTTO
Ear-relevant AURAL
Eclipse feature HALO
End up with NET
Esoteric ARCANE
Fall (over) KEEL
Favorers of the young AGEISTS
Feel one's way around? PALPATE
Five-min. periods, maybe OTS
Forage plant COWPEA
Fraternity letters PSIS
French chef Ducasse ALAIN
French treaty city of 1802 AMIENS
Gets a move on SCOOTS
Giant successes? RUNS
Ginger treats SNAPS
Globular SPHERIC
Grounded flier SST
Harpist, of sorts ANGEL
Have ___ (be innocent, maybe) ANOUT
Heavily sedated OUT
Herbal tea TISANE
High-hats SNEERERS
Highlands tongue ERSE
Hitches RIDES
Holiday party FIESTA
Holidayish FESTIVE
Homes that may have tunnel entrances IGLOOS
Horace contemporary OVID
Horizontal molding pieces FASCIAS
Ice cream maker Joseph EDY
It may be fit for a king BEDSPREAD
J.F.K. alternative LGA
Kind of kick ONSIDE
Kind of track TENURE
Kyle ___, 'The Terminator' hero REESE
Land of 300+ islands FIJI
Leg up BOOST
Legal conclusion? ESE
Like some folders TABBED
Literary inits. TSE
Long Island Rail Road station ROSLYN
Lord's worker VASSAL
Lord's worker SERF
Loses ground? ERODES
Luxuriousness RITZ
Lyric, part 2, after 'Was a' JOLLYHAPPYSOUL
Lyric, part 3, after 'With a' CORNCOBPIPE
Mountain ridge ARETE
N.F.L. team for which Barry Sanders played LIONS
New Year's Eve parties, e.g. EVENTS
News agency started in 1925 TASS
No fancy threads RAGS
No longer working: Abbr. RET
Nobody SCHMO
Not familiar with NEWTO
Not narrow TOLERANT
Not straight ARCED
Nuptial exchange IDOS
Oil by the barrel CRUDE
Old Testament prophet HOSEA
One who can't have everything? COHEIR
Pacino and others ALS
Part of many a test PLACEBO
Part of R.S.V.P. SIL
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Piece of soap CAKE
Places for tolls BELFRIES
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Poker great Ungar and others STUS
Provider of an old silk hat, e.g. (as depicted at the top of this puzzle) HABERDASHER
Pump room? SHOESTORE
R.N.'s locale HOSP
Rain forests and grasslands, e.g. BIOMES
Rocker Brian ENO
Rugged wheels, briefly ATVS
Rustic setting LEA
Sask. neighbor ALTA
Scatter STREW
Second Amendment advocacy grp. NRA
Shatner's '___War' TEK
Shed some light on? SOLARIZE
Shell food? TACO
Shortly ANON
Sleep problem APNEA
Sliding door place VAN
Smidgen IOTA
Snarl unsnarler HAIRBRUSH
Some E-mail attachments PDFS
Sprinkler WATERER
Start another tour REUP
State one's views OPINE
Timid words IDARENOT
Visitor's sleeping spot, maybe COT
What icicles do SPARKLE
When the show must go on AIRTIME
Without slack TAUTLY
Wood measure STERE
Words: Abbr. VOCAB
Wound (up) TIGHTENED
Wright wings ELLS
Writer Willy who popularized spaceflight LEY
Yule ___ LOG
___ Accords OSLO
___ trial basis ONA
___-Aztecan language UTO
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