How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 29 2008

'Absolutely' NODOUBT
'I'll have the ___' USUAL
'Now I understand!' AHA
'Pulp Fiction' co-star ___ L. Jackson SAMUEL
'Star Trek' lieutenant UHURA
'Whenever' ANYTIME
1 cent PENNY
95 things posted by Martin Luther THESES
Actress MacDowell ANDIE
Alphabetically first name in the Bible AARON
An octopus has eight ARMS
Andy Warhol genre POPART
Anglo-___ SAXON
Annoy IRK
Barracks bed COT
Barton who founded the American Red Cross CLARA
Candidate for a Tony BROADWAYPLAY
CD-___ ROM
Chicago air hub OHARE
Commercial prefix with -max or -cam BETA
Dominant dogs ALPHAS
Duck that'll get you down? EIDER
Enormous HUGE
Extol LAUD
Game with a bull's-eye DARTS
Harry Potter's best friend RON
Has being EXISTS
Hightail it, old-style HIE
In formation ARRAYED
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Inventors have them IDEAS
It might include a 10, jack, queen and king of hearts RUMMYHAND
Kemo Sabe's companion TONTO
L'eggs product PANTYHOSE
Like an N.B.A. center TALL
Like half of Istanbul ASIAN
Make believe FEIGN
Make over REDO
Massachusetts' Cape ___ ANN
Military aircraft engine maker ___ & Whitney PRATT
Monopoly cards DEEDS
Most morose GLUMMEST
Much ballyhooed HYPEDUP
On the nose TOAT
Petty gangsters PUNKS
Played for a sap USED
Pod contents PEAS
Portend BODE
Primo AONE
Prohibition BAN
Radio monitoring org. FCC
Rain source CLOUD
Say another way REPHRASE
School grp. PTA
Series of scenes ACT
Sn, chemically speaking TIN
Snakelike fish EEL
Snoopy NOSY
Something 18-, 26-, 42- or 51-Across might have RUN
Something often stubbed BIGTOE
Speedy two-wheelers MOPEDS
Steve of 'The Office' CARELL
Sunbathe TAN
Tends, as plants WATERS
Tied up, as skates LACED
TV character who says 'Don't have a cow, man!' BART
U.N. agcy. awarded the 1969 Nobel Peace Prize ILO
Understood GOT
Want badly, with 'for' ACHE
Who often 'did it' in a whodunit BUTLER
Wily SLY
Yankees/Red Sox matchup, e.g. BASEBALLGAME
Yo-Yo Ma's instrument CELLO
___ √Čtats-Unis LES
___-frutti TUTTI
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