How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 28 2008

'Gaspard de la Nuit' composer RAVEL
'In a pig's eye!' NEVER
'Mack the Knife' songwriter WEILL
'Nascar Now' channel ESPN
'Skip to ___' MYLOU
'___ 911!' (comedy series) RENO
1960 Bobby Rydell hit WILDONE
1968 N.B.A. All-Star Dick BARNETT
According to PER
Actress ___ Dawn Chong RAE
Actress/model Connie SELLECCA
All together INUNISON
Appropriate center for this puzzle SUN
Bay Area county NAPA
BBC panel show regular Phill JUPITUS
Beautify ADORN
Behave ACT
Big ox LUG
Big-screen beekeeper ULEE
Bigelow beverages TEAS
Brand of basketball ELTON
Bungling INEPT
Bursts open POPS
Cartman's first name on 'South Park' ERIC
Childhood skin affliction IMPETIGO
Cloak-wearing 'Star Wars' race JAWA
Comprehend GRASP
Controversial 1987 exposé by ex-MI5 agent Peter Wright SPYCATCHER
Cuff feature HEM
Desk-borrowing worker TEMP
Discreet attention-getter PSST
Dog biscuits and such TREATS
Domino dot PIP
E-mail address ender EDU
Electricians WIREMEN
Elementary particle MESON
Entrance GATE
Exam for H.S. jrs. PSAT
Exclamation in 'The Farmer in the Dell' HIHO
Exterior decorator? TATTOOER
Fed. purchasing org. GSA
First-time driver, often TEEN
Formulator of the Three Principles of the People SUNYATSEN
Frozen food company OREIDA
Generally ASARULE
Georgia's Fort ___, site of an 1862 surrender PULASKI
Go down SET
Goes around ROAMS
Gopher-wood construction ARK
Grace ___ ('Jane Eyre' character) POOLE
Greenwich Village campus, for short NYU
Harry's pal at Hogwarts RON
Harvest REAP
Heavy metal band? MANACLE
Hit 2004 film with many sequels SAW
Hull scrapers REEFS
Husband, in Hidalgo ESPOSO
In different places APART
Infra's opposite SUPRA
Ireland's ___ Islands ARAN
Jack's partner in rhyme JILL
King famous for frightening people STEPHEN
Lassitude ENNUI
Leave one's post, possibly RETIRE
Lee with the 1960 #1 hit 'I'm Sorry' BRENDA
Legal claim on property LIEN
Let one's anger show VENTED
Like some campaign ads NEGATIVE
Lincoln Town Car, for one SEDAN
Little bit WHIT
Long-range weapon, briefly ICBM
Make impossible demands ASKFORTHEMOON
Make up (for) ATONE
Malevolent look EVILEYE
Medevac worker EMT
Museum displays DIORAMAS
Nicholas Gage memoir ELENI
No longer working KAPUT
Oatcakes popular in Scotland BANNOCKS
On land ASHORE
One of these can be found reading counterclockwise somewhere in each concentric ring PLANET
Painter of a Zola portrait MANET
Pantyhose brand LEGGS
Patriots' Day mo. APR
Pedestrian safety feature RAIL
Philbin's 'Live' co-host RIPA
Poet's inspiration MUSE
Pomeranian's bark YIP
Poorly ILL
Porker's pen STY
Possessor? DEMON
Prefix with political GEO
Preordained DESTINED
Pressed for time INARUSH
Propelled SENT
Ray a k a the Hamburger King KROC
Ready to play, you might say TUNED
Red food dye source BEET
Region near Mount Olympus THESSALY
Responsibility ONUS
Retin-A treats it ACNE
Rodent, to a raptor PREY
Rolaids rival TUMS
Roman rebuke ETTU
Romeo's reckless friend MERCUTIO
Rubber gasket ORING
Ruination BANE
Satisfies, as baser instincts PANDERSTO
Scale-busting OBESE
Semisoft cheese from Holland GOUDA
Sharpness EDGE
Sic ___ (bibliographical term) PASSIM
Simba's mate in 'The Lion King' NALA
Six-Day War combatants ISRAELIS
Something it's not always wise to share OPINION
Storm FURY
Stuck in the mud MIRED
Submarine egress HATCH
Tack room items BRIDLES
The auld sod ERIN
The Everly Brothers' 'Wake Up Little ___' SUSIE
Top 10 hit for Sarah McLachlan ADIA
Treasure sought in 'Titanic' NECKLACE
Trunk in your trunk AORTA
Tunes that might make you want to get out on the floor? ELEVATORMUSIC
Veneer patterns INLAYS
Volkswagen model JETTA
Way to go ROAD
What Mr. Spock suppressed EMOTION
What this puzzle's eight concentric rings (uncircled and circled) represent ORBITS
Where a pin may be made MAT
Wooden peg DOWEL
Worn out RAGGED
Writer Ferber EDNA
Yossarian's tentmate in 'Catch-22' ORR
___ Adler of Conan Doyle's 'A Scandal in Bohemia' IRENE
___ dance BELLY
___ Miss OLE
___ stick (trick-or-treater's accessory) GLOW
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