How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 28 1998

'Black Beauty' author Sewell ANNA
'Desire Under the ___' ELMS
'Phooey!' DRAT
90's-style letters EMAIL
A shepherd shepherds it EWE
Actor Kilmer VAL
Adjective modifier ADVERB
Airline to Stockholm SAS
Alpha's opposite OMEGA
Annual theater award OBIE
Applications USES
Art photo shade SEPIA
At a distance AFAR
Big honeymoon destination NIAGARA
Body wrapper SKIN
Bride's declaration IDO
Brownish songbird WREN
By way of VIA
Challenge DARE
Chianti, e.g. VINO
Clyde's partner in crime BONNIE
Considers DEEMS
Dah's partner DIT
Deep-sea explorer William BEEBE
Division word INTO
Eat like ___ ABIRD
Elderly AGED
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Flabbergast STUN
France's ___ des Saintes ILES
Fraternity party staple KEG
Frayed WORN
Gin maker Whitney ELI
Give a damn? SWEAR
Give for a while LEND
Happy or sad feeling MOOD
Health resort SPA
Hearty steak TBONE.
Honest ___ ABE
Hydroelectric project DAM
Improvise, musically SCAT
In the know AWARE
It follows sunset, in poetry EEN
Leg/foot connector ANKLE
Lipton and Twinings, e.g. TEAS
Lively piano tunes RAGS
Loose, as shoestrings UNTIED
Make pretty ADORN
Mouse catcher OWL
Notice SEE
Nuts (over) GAGA
Pierce with a tusk GORE
Pinkish, as a steak RARE
Pitcher's boo-boo BALK
Puts (down) LAYS.
Queue LINE
Regarding, in legal memos INRE
Remnant TAGEND
Ruins a picnic or a Little League game, say RAINS.
Runs smoothly, as an engine PURRS
Scouting mission, informally RECON
Sheriff's star BADGE
Sleeper's woe APNEA
Spoken for TAKEN
Start for a kitty ANTE
Steals from ROBS
Subsidy AID
Syracuse's team color ORANGE
The Black Stallion, e.g. ARABIAN
Vicinity AREA
Where Memphis is: Abbr. TENN
___ Ababa ADDIS
___ chi ch'uan TAI
___ Madres SIERRA
___ Methuselah OLDAS
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