How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 27 2007

''Starts With F' for a thousand, ___' ALEX
'Breaker Morant' people BOERS
'Fiddler on the Roof' role TEVYE
'If ___ you ...' IWERE
'Is that a ___?' FACT
'What ___ thou?' (biblical query) SEEST
'___ the Agent' (old comic strip) ABIE
'___ we all?' ARENT
1910s heavyweight champ ___ Willard JESS
Arithmetic exercise SUM
Carrier of a bow and arrows EROS
Cartoon pooch REN
Casino equipment RAKES
Certain marine biologist's test? CORALEXAM
Climax CAP
Cling Plus brand SARAN
Coos and hoots BIRDCALLS
Cultural stuff ARTS
Dried coconut meat COPRA
Egyptian symbols of royalty ASPS
Eskimos in an igloo? COLDFOLKSATHOME
Expressionist Schiele EGON
F.D.R. agcy. OPA
Financial paper: Abbr. WSJ
Five-time Horse of the Year, 1960-64 KELSO
French frigate that carried the Statue of Liberty to the U.S. ISERE
Gainsay BELIE
Hebdomadally AWEEK
Kind of gland PINEAL
Kiss in Kensington SNOG
Let pass OKD
Like most adages: Abbr. ANON
Lived WAS
Many a person on the U.S.S. Enterprise: Abbr. ENS
Massive, very hot celestial orb OSTAR
Musical interval SIXTH
Nautical acronym LORAN
Not be resolved HANG
Novelist Seton ANYA
One way to get into a gang's headquarters? CONTHELOOKOUT
Palms (off on) FOBS
Part of A.S.A.P. ASSOON
Pictures of Slinkys? COILPAINTINGS
Place LIEU
Poet who wrote 'At night there is no such thing as an ugly woman' OVID
Poisonous flower WOLFSBANE
Poulenc's 'Sonata for ___ and Piano' OBOE
Prefix with -phile OENO
Prepare trout, in a way PANFRY
Red lights and flares ALERTS
Stamina LEGS
Stomach contents ACIDS
Thin pancakes BLINI
Time-honored name LUCE
Triton's realm OCEAN
Triton's realm SEA
Utmost distance from the eye at which an image is clear FARPOINT
Verdi aria ERITU
Western Hemisphere abbr. AMER
Who has won an Oscar for Best Actor three times NOONE
Windblown deposit LOESS
Witches' pots, pans, etc.? COVENWARE
Word with bus or memory LANE
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
___ canto BEL
___ finalis (purpose, in law) CAUSA
___ Kooser, former U.S. poet laureate TED
___ pudding (British dish) PEASE
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