How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 22 2015

'Where did ___ wrong?' IGO
'Whoa there!' HEY
'___ Fables' AESOPS
A little night noise SNORE
African animal you might get a charge out of? RHINO
Altercations SETTOS
Ambulance workers, for short EMTS
Atypical ... or like the first word in the answer to 18-, 24-, 51- or 62-Across SINGULAR
Avoid attention LIELOW
Awakens ROUSES
Ballet position on tiptoe POINTE
Caviar, e.g ROE
CD-___ (storage objects) ROMS
Certain wrinkle remover TROUSERPRESS
Clog or pump SHOE
Collection that, despite its name, is orderly and compact MESSKIT
Condensed periodical DIGEST
Convo CHAT
Dweller on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula OMANI
Eight: Prefix OCTO
Employs USES
Fabled mountain dwellers YETIS
Fitting APT
Gives two big thumbs down PANS
Had in hand HELD
Hi-___ monitor RES
Identify (as) PEG
In stitches SEWN
Iranian currency RIAL
Kids' event that goes into the wee hours PAJAMAPARTY
LaBeouf of 'Transformers' SHIA
Lay's product CHIPS
Like the population of Alaska vis-à-vis New Jersey SPARSER
Line of latitude ITSUPTOYOU
Mantra of the Little Engine That Could ITHINKICAN
Marshy valley SWALE
Midmonth date IDES
Mont Blanc and Matterhorn ALPS
Mount of the Bible SINAI
Mythos LORE
n(n+1)/2, for all integers from 1 to n SUM
One of 10, say, in a supermarket's express checkout lane ITEM
One of the kings in the Valley of the Kings, informally TUT
Pianist's practice piece ETUDE
Popular musical game beginning in 2005 GUITARHERO
Quaint three-word contraction TWASNT
Recesses NICHES
Relief provider for a burn ALOE
River near the Valley of the Kings NILE
Roman 151 CLI
See 8-Down DOONE
Sidestroke component SCISSORKICK
Silent ___ (presidential nickname) CAL
Slipped by ELAPSED
Something in a movie star's frame? SUNGLASSLENS
Spare bed, often COT
Squeaks (by) EKES
Symbol for water potential PSI
The Black Keys and the White Stripes DUOS
Throw (together) SLAP
Tiny time adjustment LEAPSECOND
University divs DEPTS
Water, potentially ICE
Weapon in Clue ROPE
Weeding tools HOES
What the remorseful might make AMENDS
When repeated, a subtle (or sometimes not-so-subtle) comment HINT
Where you might wear only a towel SPA
Wimple wearer NUN
With 44-Across, 1869 romance by R. D. Blackmore LORNA
Word with googly or goo-goo EYES
Zealous ARDENT
___ de plume NOM
___ sour (drink) WHISKEY
___ vu DEJA
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