How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 21 2016

'I learned to be a movie critic by reading ___ magazine': Roger Ebert MAD
'Rumour ___ It' (2011 Adele hit) HAS
'Say ___' WHEN
'Shoot for the moon!' ... or a hint to interpreting the clues to 17-, 25-, 35- and 51-Across THINKBIG
'Spare me!' NOMORE
'___ out!' YER
007 movie after 'Skyfall' SPECTRE
1 1/2-liter bottle MAGNUM
6'7' Sixers #6 DRJ
Alternatively ELSE
Ancient sun worshiper INCA
Ariadne helped him navigate the Labyrinth THESEUS
Aromatherapy substance BATHOIL
Baseball's ___ Desmond, three-time Silver Slugger Award winner IAN
Be alongside ABUTON
Bring to a boil ENRAGE
Choose OPT
Christian supergroup? TRINITY
Comic actor Danny KAYE
Court giant Arthur ASHE
Creatures under Wayne Manor BATS
David ___, longtime Red Sox slugger ORTIZ
Drank, as from a flask SWIGGED
European river that inspired Smetana MOLDAU
Faith founded in Persia BAHAI
Galoot APE
Gardener's bane WEED
Genius Mixes program ITUNES
Golden AURIC
GPS suggestion ROUTE
Hardly serious JOKEY
Heavy-metal band with a killer sound? SLAYER
Heavyweight bout venue SUMORING
Hemingway who wrote 'Out Came the Sun' MARIEL
Instinctive GUT
Jiffy SEC
Like the Hallows in a Harry Potter title DEATHLY
Longtime Yankee nickname AROD
Magazine urging RENEW
Maker of the old Speed Wagon REO
Message board admin SYSOP
Norma ___ (Sally Field title role) RAE
Observe NOTE
Places where people have withdrawals? ATMS
Rightmost number on an Italian clock TRE
Screeners' org TSA
She played Rosemary in 'Rosemary's Baby' MIA
Simpson who lost a crossword contest in 2008 LISA
Single-named singer with the 2002 hit 'Foolish' ASHANTI
Skin-care brand whose active ingredients are oat compounds AVEENO
Slangy negative NAH
Sports entertainment show since 1993 WWERAW
State nobody wants to live in AGONY
Sudden turn ZIG
Supported UPHELD
Takes over USURPS
Tees off DRIVES
Thai neighbor LAO
The 'E' of 14-Across ELI
Took care of the last bit MOPPEDUP
Undertaking, as a war WAGING
Walks and balks STATS
Water and sunlight, for plants NEEDS
Word with fast or fire LANE
You, more formally ONE
___ Gardens, N.Y KEW
___ wheels MAG
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