How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 20 2018

'According to the grapevine ...' ihear
'Already?!' sosoon
'Do you mind?' isitok
'Ready about! Hard ___!' alee
'Wonder Woman' antagonist ares
1997 Nicolas Cage thriller conair
Actress Aimée anouk
Afternoon affairs teas
An aye for an eye, say? typo
Ancient markets agoras
Approach in handling something tack
Because why not? onawhim
Biblical verb art
Big cheese? edam
Carpentry tool rasp
Certain attire when hitting the slopes skibib
Chatty ones mynahs
Choice of routes? twowaysaboutit
Comic ___ (typeface) sans
Common casserole ingredient tuna
Concorde, e.g., for short sst
Country where camel jumping is a sport yemen
Declaration concerning British geography? manisanisland
Dormant latent
Drag racing org nhra
E-tail icons carts
Egg ___ sac
From birth innate
Gatherer of intelligence? mensa
Hgts alts
Home to Castro casa
Home to the Rohingya myanmar
In a cheery manner gaily
Like lizards and fish scaly
Like the outer matryoshka doll largest
Mr. Potato Head part arm
Nail the test aceit
Nitrous oxide? laughingmatter
Not teetotal, say partake
Org. behind the InSight mission nasa
Part of iOS: Abbr syst
Place for a picnic along a highway scenicarea
Pouch holder, for short roo
Prophet who said 'The Lord roars from Zion and thunders from Jerusalem' amos
Ray of fast-food fame kroc
Result of some sunburn I had? skinoffmyback
Revolutionary figure mao
River through Flanders yser
See 21-Down hoo
See 35-Across no
Shortly, quaintly anon
Six of one and half a dozen of the other, say? amounts
Some greens kales
Sporty Spiders, informally alfas
Stand and deliver? orate
Steadfast staunch
Suffix with expect ancy
The Cardinals, on scoreboards ari
Time for a mint julep in Louisville raceday
Time of valor, in a Winston Churchill speech finesthour
Tobiko and ikura, on a sushi menu roes
Top of a fund drive thermometer goal
Trumpet accessory mute
Upscale hotel features spas
Variety of ray skate
What parallel lines never do meet
Where one might find Jesus rood
Whips flays
With 22-Across, a triumphant cry woo
With 38-Across, what a two-letter answer is in a crossword, usually ... or a hint to 20-, 24-, 44- and 51-Across no
Wray of 'King Kong' fame fay
___ Sweeney, leading character in 'Anything Goes' reno
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