How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 18 2011

'Consider it done!' NOPROBLEM
'For ___ us a child ...' UNTO
'Horatio, thou art ___ as just a man ...' EEN
'I suppose so' YEAH
'Look ___ hands!' MANO
'Lumber' collector in a park BATBOY
'No guarantees' ASIS
'No introduction needed' phrase WEMET
'Three Days of the Condor' org CIA
'Yikes!' OHNO
'___ ride' LETIT
10E and 40 long, e.g SIZES
13th, at times IDES
2000 musical with the song 'Every Story Is a Love Story' AIDA
40 million-member org. founded in 1958 AARP
A to Z, e.g SPECTRUM
Air pump setting: Abbr PSI
Arm part ULNA
Brit's bumbershoot BROLLY
Brown, maybe SAUTE
Build a publishing empire? AMASSMEDIA
Car sticker letters MSRP
Casting locale MILL
Catholic university in Philly STJOES
Catwalk no-show? RUNAWAYMODEL
Certain bean LIMA
Cleanup org EPA
Coal container BIN
Cohesion UNITY
Common break hour TENAM
Conservative TORY
Core NUB
County on one side of the Golden Gate Bridge MARIN
Cube creator Rubik ERNO
Decides OPTS
Desert and rain forest CLIMATES
Dislike of the son of Mary, Queen of Scots? KINGJAMESAVERSION
Drink for a toddler WAWA
Dutch cheese town EDAM
Dwarf with a purple hat DOPEY
Fashion MAKE
FEMA part: Abbr EMER
Festoons ADORNS
First Arab country to have sanctions imposed on it by the Arab League SYRIA
Foe in the first Indiana Jones film NAZI
Former Red Sox star Garciaparra NOMAR
Geoffrey the Giraffe's store TOYSRUS
Gigayear EON
Give a shot INJECT
Golf cup name RYDER
Hauled, in a way TRUCKED
Heavy metal rock? ORE
Highlighter colors, often NEONS
Hold back HAMPER
Implied TACIT
It gets the lead out ERASER
It may get stuck in an eye THREAD
It's found between the shoulders ROAD
It's hard to understand ESOTERICA
Italian article UNA
Jewish mourning period SHIVA
Justin Bieber and others IDOLS
Kind of disc OPTIC
Less stressful EASIER
Like much of Fire Island's shore DUNED
Like some cookware ENAMELED
Lines with crossings: Abbr RRS
Lunch inits BLT
Mag space seller, e.g ADREP
Mai ___ (drinks) TAIS
March sisters' creator ALCOTT
Marx Brothers, e.g ZANIES
Material in old mah-jongg sets IVORY
Mein ___ HERR
Mil. unit below a division REGT
Monastery heads ABBOTS
Mosaicist, e.g ARTISAN
Naked BARE
Natives of the land known as Aotearoa MAORI
Neglect OMIT
Newsman Marvin or Bernard KALB
Not just my OUR
Not so prevalent RARER
One who works with canines DENTIST
One with eyes for a cook? SPUD
Paid sports spectator SCOUT
Plant's grain-bearing part EAR
Poet Pablo NERUDA
Ponytail locale NAPE
Practical joke used on squirrels? PEPPERACORN
Precipitating RAINY
Prefix with bar ISO
Prepares a bow, with 'up' ROSINS
Purchase that's canceled STAMP
Radioactivity unit CURIE
Rembrandt van ___ RIJN
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Rubber man? MASSEUR
Rush to get on the train? DARTABOARD
Share a view OPINE
Shoe named for a cat PUMA
Shore bird ERNE
Silken construction WEB
Singer Anthony MARC
Small batteries AAS
Soft-spoken prayer ending? GENTLEAMEN
Some terra cotta POTTERY
Southwest natives ZUNIS
Springtime calendar hunk MRAPRIL
Suffragist Carrie Chapman ___ CATT
Take the plunge LEAP
The Tigers of the N.C.A.A LSU
They're often sold by the dozen REDROSES
Things may be picked up with this ESP
Think too much of OVERRATE
Threatened ferociously ROAREDAT
Title of veneration SRI
Tombstone figure EARP
Trapped like ___ ARAT
Unidentified people ONES
University of ___, where Andrea Bocelli earned a law degree PISA
Unseat OUST
Unseat BOOT
Unwanted swimming pool bit ALGA
Utopias EDENS
What black holes swallow to bulk up? ANABOLICASTEROIDS
What rakes may do LEER
What sweaty dancers create at an annual awards show? TONYAROMAS
When Juno and Gold Beach were assaulted DDAY
Where worms don't last long? AROUNDROBINS
Writer Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
Yahoo! alternative MSN
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