How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 14 2014

'Do the Right Thing' pizzeria SALS
'Gilgamesh,' e.g EPIC
'God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You' group NSYNC
'Grant your own damn wishes,' e.g.? GENIEJERKREACTION
'Heaven forbid!' GODNO
'How deep is your love?' or 'You should be dancing'? BEEGEELINE
'Just ___' ASK
'Let's Be Cops' org LAPD
'Off the hook' INSANE
'Sure, put me down for that' IMIN
'Tennessee Waltz' singer PATTIPAGE
'Zounds!' EGADS
'___ chance!' NOTA
'___ Flux,' 2005 sci-fi film AEON
'___ honest ...' TOBE
Abbey area APSE
Abnormal swelling EDEMA
About 2 1/2 acres HECTARE
Actress Paquin ANNA
Actress Woodward JOANNE
Alphabetical 119-Across AEIOU
Annual '500' INDY
Antithesis: Abbr OPP
Any four-letter word TETRAGRAM
Arsenal workers ARMORERS
Attorneys' degs JDS
Barn attachments VANES
Bed cover LINEN
Blue expanse SKY
Blue expanse OCEAN
Born abroad? NEE
Brain-freeze drinks ICEES
Brown who founded The Daily Beast TINA
Calrissian of 'Star Wars' LANDO
Capital on a river of the same name OTTAWA
Cause of wear and tear USE
Cavils NITS
Chef Paula DEEN
Chemical compound often labeled 'S' NACL
Circus sights TENTS
Classic theater ODEON
Closest friend, slangily BESTIE
College for a Brit UNI
Comment from a driver who finally reached his destination? GPSILOVEYOU
Convinces SWAYS
Cookware brand TFAL
Cop (to) ADMIT
Day care attendee TOT
Deferential MEEK
Deity in the Edda LOKI
Demanding sort DIVA
Descriptive of dingos and jackals DOGLIKE
Dict. info ETYM
Discusses at length GOESINTO
Electronics giant SONY
End of a famous boast VICI
Ending with cow or hole PUNCHER
Faithful, in old poetry LEAL
Fighter pilots fly them SORTIES
Fire proof? SOOT
Former auto exec Lee IACOCCA
Former White House press secretary Perino DANA
Friday night series? DRAGNET
Full complement for a Quidditch team SEVEN
Futilely INVAIN
Goggle GAPE
Hair gel, e.g GOOP
Having left the company, maybe AWOL
Ingredient in some London pies EEL
It may be beaten, with 'the' RAP
It might be clipped and filed TOENAIL
James of jazz ETTA
Jim of children's TV HENSON
Keep a low profile? STOOP
Korda who directed 'Sahara' ZOLTAN
Larsson who wrote 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' STIEG
Leftover bit DREG
Like early Sears business MAILORDER
Literary prefaces PROEMS
Made a false move? DEKED
Many a bored student DOODLER
Markdown marker REDTAG
Master of Japanese writing? KANJIARTIST
Mosaicist or glassblower ARTISAN
Most chill-inducing EERIEST
Nagging question? CANI
Never: Ger NIE
Olive Garden starter ANTIPASTO
One of the friends on 'Friends' ROSS
Orbitz offering CARRENTAL
Part of E.U.: Abbr EUR
Picnic side dish SLAW
Play again REAIR
Poet who wrote 'Let us not speak of them, but look, and pass on' DANTE
Pot money ANTE
Rarity in un desierto AGUA
Relative of the cha-cha RUMBA
Religious rituals for cats? KITTYLITURGY
Santa Claus-tracking org NORAD
See 80-Down PENTAD
Seeds SOWS
Sidestepped AVERTED
Some queenly attire WHITEGLOVES
Sound before a big blow? ACHOO
Start to go down the drain EDDY
Stop what you're doing REST
Strange pond scum? WEIRDALGAE
Strips PEELS
Sufficient, informally ENUF
Surprised comment upon rummaging through a tea chest? OHDARJEELING
Swear AVER
Symbol in the logo of 'The Big Bang Theory' ATOM
The tiniest amount ONEIOTA
Title hunter of a 1922 film NANOOK
Tofurky, to turkey, e.g ANALOGUE
Took care of SAWTO
Transportation service for the disabled DIALARIDE
Turns down DIPS
U.S.'s first grocery chain AANDP
University of Miami athletes, for short CANES
Vanity cases? EGOS
Veracruz's capital JALAPA
Viet ___ CONG
Warmed up the crowd (for) OPENED
Way of the East TAO
Web browsers NETIZENS
When doubled, part of many a Robin Williams tribute NANU
___ bean MUNG
___ test DNA
___ the Great of children's lit NATE
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