How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 14 2006

'Easter 1916' poet YEATS
'Yippee!' OHBOY
A lot of Eurasia, once: Abbr. SSRS
Allen and Ott MELS
Animals in harness OXEN
Anna's lover in 'Anna Karenina' ALEXEI
Another, in Madrid OTRO
Attention-getter PSST
Author Silverstein SHEL
Better suited ABLER
Boosts AIDS
Browning and simmering BRAISING
Bygone N.L. team EXPOS
Car introduced in 1904 REO
City near Crawford, Tex. WACO
Civil War inits. CSA
Command to Fido SIT
Connects TIESIN
Cry with an outstretched hand HELPME
Diva ___ Te Kanawa KIRI
Dugout shelter ABRI
Ed Sullivan, e.g. EMCEE
End of the riddle SIXTYNINEACROSS
Glib romancer SMOOTHIE
Glossy fabric SATEEN
Goldbrick LOAF
Golfer's concern LIE
Gripper TALON
Hairstylist's supply GEL
Hang around at an accident scene GAWK
Happy cry in song HIHO
Hilo garland LEI
It may be high or faint PRAISE
Land on Lake Victoria UGANDA
Lena of 'Polish Wedding' OLIN
Like some educ. publishing ELHI
Line on which y = 0 XAXIS
Many a prof. PHD
Marx collaborator ENGELS
Maryland's ___ Air Force Base ANDREWS
More treacherous in the winter ICIER
Municipal pol. ALD
Music at many a memorial TAPS
Music storage place CDCASE
Newcastle Brown, e.g. ALE
Not old: Ger. NEU
One with Red Cross training, maybe: Abbr. EMT
Page in an account book FOLIO
Penciled-in eyebrow, e.g. ARC
Penguins' home?: Abbr. NHL
Person bringing much happiness ELATER
Person in a sauna SWEATER
Poetic contraction EEN
See 60-Across FSH
Shakespeare's 'very foolish fond old man' LEAR
Start of a riddle WHATDOESONECALL
Start of Massachusetts' motto ENSE
Swenson of 'Benson' INGA
Tic-tac-toe loser XOO
Timbre TONE
Tractable DOCILE
Venetian magistrate of old DOGE
Wagner heroine ___ of Brabant ELSA
Wrinkly fruit UGLI
Writer Sholem ASCH
Z ___ zebra ASIN
___ Bros. WARNER
___ facto IPSO
___ von Baeyer, 1905 Chemistry Nobelist ADOLF
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