How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 14 2003

'At Seventeen' singer Janis IAN
'Coffee, ___ Me?' TEAOR
'God bless us every one,' e.g. PRAYER
'Halt!' to a salt AVAST
'Law & Order' type: Abbr. DET
'Leave me alone!' LAYOFF
'Nobody's Fool' star Paul NEWMAN
'Oy ___!' VEY
'The Gift of the Magi,' e.g. TALE
'Would I lie?!' TRUSTME
'___ it the truth!' AINT
Abu ___ Bay, site of Horatio Nelson's naval victory, 1798 QIR
Airport city near Montreal MIRABEL
Allure competitor ELLE
Alphabet sextet MNOPQR
Amount of eggnog PINT
Ancient Greek tunic CHITON
Antiapartheid org. ANC
Antiquaire's item OBJET
Antique auto REO
Art Deco designer ERTE
Attach with laces TIEON
Ballet leap JETE
Beach shades TANS
Big stories SAGAS
Botch the subtitles, maybe MISTRANSLATE
Bourbon and others: Abbr. STS
Brenda of the comics STARR
Brief time out? NAP
British verb ending ISE
Car tower REPOMAN
Carbon compound ENOL
Chinese zodiac sign DRAGON
Choir practice SCALES
Clear the slate ERASE
Colors in cave paintings OCHRES
Cozy retreat NEST
Creepy sort, for short LECH
Croupiers' tools RAKES
Dancing siblings ASTAIRES
Directly across from: Abbr. OPP
Disperse FANOUT
Done, to Donne OER
Drummer Starkey, Ringo's son ZAK
English poet Dowson ERNEST
Evel doings? STUNTS
Fountain treat MALT
Fringe material TASSELS
Game show host who was once a CBC newsman TREBEK
Gave birth, as on a ranch FOALED
Get-up TOGS
Gift exchange requirement: Abbr. RCPT
Healthful retreats SPAS
Hide-hair link NOR
How lemmings move ENMASSE
Huge win ROUT
Hurrah for El Farruco OLE
Is a go-between LIAISES
It holds one cup SAUCER
It will hold your horses HARNESS
It's heard in Islamabad URDU
It's often squirreled away ACORN
Itinerary abbr. RTE
Key of Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 FMINOR
Kind of date DUE
King in a 1978 pop hit TUT
Kyrgyz city OSH
Leg bone TIBIA
Like some chords TRITONAL
Linen closet stack DOILIES
Lobster ___ diavolo FRA
Love symbol EROS
Lush SOT
Magazine article GUN
Mania subject? EGO
Maximally chi-chi SNAZZIEST
Mortimer, a real dummy SNERD
Motor City org. UAW
Movie cowboy Lash ___ LARUE
N.F.C. gridder BUC
Name fit for a king? REX
Narc's find, for short PCP
Native Nebraskan OTOE
Nick of 'Lorenzo's Oil' NOLTE
No longer stops? UNCORKS
Noodlehead SCHMO
Not an orig. REPR
Not give a definite answer STRINGALONG
Noted family of Flemish painters BRUEGELS
Onassis, in tabloids ARI
One whose job is a grind? MILLER
One with a thick skin RHINO
Oxford, for one: Abbr. HMO
Phoenix-to-Flagstaff dir. NNE
Phone no. add-on EXT
Pit stop can STP
Pudding ingredient FIG
Rainbow ARC
Ring setting CIRCUS
Rover and Tabby, e.g. PETNAMES
Salute HAIL
Sandy tract, in Britain DENE
Satirist Mort SAHL
Satisfied MET
Scale notes RES
Scrooge overcame this MEANNESS
Seasonal air that celebrates this puzzle's theme OTANNENBAUM
Sermon subject SIN
Sgt. and sgt. maj. NCOS
Skater Midori ITO
Skating star Kulik ILIA
Software program, briefly APP
Some old roadsters MGS
Sound from a wok SSS
Spearheaded LED
Sprang back RECOILED
Starting Harvard law students ONELS
Stephen, in France ETIENNE
Stick ___ ITTO
Subject to external controls HETERONOMOUS
Succumb to stage fright FREEZEUP
The boonies NOWHERE
Timeline info: Abbr. YRS
Tiny Tim played it UKE
Tour de France units: Abbr. KMS
Trattoria desserts TORTONIS
Tuckered out WEARY
Undeclared TACIT
View from a lighthouse SEA
War horses STEEDS
Western-themed films HORSEOPERAS
What that isn't THIS
White of the eye SCLERA
Window item BLIND
Winter Palace residents TSARINAS
With 15-Down, what to do to reveal this puzzle's theme CONNECTTHEDOTS
Without exception, after 'to' AMAN
___ sandwich TUNA
___-Mère-Église, France STE
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