How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 14 1997

'Women Who Run With the Wolves' author ESTES
'___ Girls' (Kelly musical) LES
'___ we having fun yet?' ARE
'___ won't be afraid' (1961 pop lyric) NOI
1978 disaster film, with 'The' SWARM
1982 Disney film TRON
70's All-Star ___ Otis AMOS
Airport info: Abbr. ARR
Al from New Orleans HIRT
Alan and Adam ARKINS
Anthem preposition OER
Athlete's assignment LOCKER
Avon products LOTIONS
Benedictines FRAS
Bibliophile's concern EDITION
Big name in morning radio IMUS
Blintzes, e.g. ROLLUPS
Branch SECT
Bread, maybe SOP
Buckle opener SWASH
Calculating machine inventor, 1642 PASCAL
Caught by surprise, with 'on' STOLEUP
Check words PAYTO
Chesterfield or ulster COAT
Chill AGUE
Christmas stocking item COAL
Classic Alan Ladd western SHANE
Cold symptom SNIFFLE
Collections ANAS
Compass pt. DIR
Cosmetics brand ALMAY
Course number PAR
Delete, with 'out' BLOT
Delphi temple god APOLLO
Dew times MORNS
Dish out messily SLOPON
Dustup ROW
Embargoes BANS
Fingerprint features WHORLS
Food on a tray CANAPE
Goon APE
Had dinner at home ATEIN
Have a title OWN
Hotshot ACE
Hurting the most SOREST.
Hurting the most SOREST
Invented word COINAGE
Iraqis, e.g. ARABS
It's just for openers ANTE
It's west of Dublin KILDARE
Job for a critic? RANTANDRAVE
Job for a debutante? COMEOUTANDPLAY
Job for a mathematician? BEFRUITFULANDMULTIPLY
Job for a plastic surgeon? NIPANDTUCK
Job for a relay racer? TOUCHANDGO
Job for a restaurant server? HURRYUPANDWAIT
Job for a statistician? RANKANDFILE
Kind of approval TACIT
Lady of a 1918 hit KATY
Landscaper's need SOD
Leaves home? NEST
Letters before many state names USS
Like carpet PILED
Like Mongolia ARID
Like the best ruse SLIEST
Lohengrin and others TENORS
London institution THETIMES
Lone Star State sch. UTEP
Man-mouse link ORA
Manner of speech USAGE
Marine fliers ERNES
Mata ___ HARI
Mildew cause DAMPNESS
Milne marsupial ROO
Minor-party candidate ALSORAN
Money in the making EURO
Most like a wallflower SHIEST
Mrs. Katzenjammer, e.g. FRAU
Not strong TEPID
One to remember, for short POW
Outburst SPASM
Panama party FIESTA
Parrot ECHO
Passion ARDOR
Pesticide POISON
Photography woe BLUR
Place for bouquets WINEBAR
Player for coach Marv Levy BILL
Plays the siren LURES
Professional org. AMA
Protest OPPOSE
Quark/antiquark particles MESONS
Rhine feeder AAR
Ring holder BESTMAN
Ripoffs THEFTS
Ruckus STIR
Rudolf's refusal NEIN
Scholarly type PHD
Screenfuls IMAGES
Screenwriter Mankiewicz HERMAN
Scull OAR
Second-century date CII
Shackle site ANKLE
Shamus TEC
Shot shooter HYPO
Singing Osmond MARIE
Skid row look SEEDINESS
Some trim CHROME
Sound of shutters in the wind CLAP
Speaker's name NEWT
Stage of a race LEG
Styx ferryman CHARON
Summoned SENTFOR
Swellhead's excess EGO
Synchronized ATTUNED
Tackle moguls SKI
They're not free of charge IONS
Three-way joint TEE
Thumbs up YES
Toast opening HERESTO
Tomato-impact noises SPLATS
Unbending TAUT
Urbane SUAVE
Violate, with 'on' TRAMPLE
Wards (off) FENDS
Way off AFAR
What squeaky wheels get THEGREASE
Woes of the world ILLS
Word ending in 'o' in Esperanto NOUN
Yugoslav novelist ___ Andric IVO
___ man TOA
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