How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 13 2007

'CSI' woman SARA
'Darn!' NERTS
'Getting to ___' (best seller about negotiating) YES
'Gotta run!' SEEYA
'Gotta run!' CIAO
'Justine' novelist DESADE
'Lincoln Heights' actress Hubbard ERICA
'Miracle on 34th Street' name MACYS
'Oh! Carol' singer, 1959 SEDAKA
'Timecop' star Van ___ DAMME
'To wrap up ...' INSUM
'___ in gloves catches no mice' ACAT
'___ Wednesday' (Jane Fonda film) ANY
Adversary RIVAL
Afternoon fare SOAPS
Auto in a Beach Boys song TBIRD
Baker's dozen, maybe PIES
Blackthorn fruit SLOE
Chipotle, e.g. JALAPENO
Commodious craft ARKS
Construction beam IBAR
Curling targets TEES
Darling IDOL
Detail in a Georgia O'Keeffe painting PETAL
Device for rotating one's tires? AXLE
Douglas or Smith of the W.N.B.A. KATIE
End of some addresses GODBLESSAMERICA
End of some addresses CITYSTATEANDZIP
End of some addresses EMAILDOMAINNAME
Engage in a bit of swordplay SLASH
Exchange words? EDIT
Exclamation at an epiphany IGETIT
Flings JAGS
Gave another hand REDEALT
Grant for a filmmaker? CARY
Hoops bloopers AIRBALLS
It may go in a lock SHIP
It's 'just a number' AGE
Item packed by a mountain climber TENT
Jacopo ___, composer of the earliest surviving opera PERI
James who sang the ballad 'At Last' ETTA
Jazz singer Anderson IVIE
Kith and kin TRIBE
Like a sidebar BOXED
Not mint USED
One singing 'Those Were the Days'? OLDPAL
One way to get a witness SUBPOENA
Plat book unit ACRE
Plimpton portrayer in 'Paper Lion' ALDA
Powerful feline PUMA
Prizefighting prize BELT
Provided unbeatable service? ACED
Renaissance Faire entertainer MINSTREL
Riveted AGAZE
Rolled the dice DARED
Runner-up to Ike ADLAI
Set down LAID
Setting for the setting of el sol OESTE
Shade of blue SKY
Slithery EELY
Small hit BUNT
Solicits in bulk SPAMS
Some widows SPIDERS
Squabbling ATIT
The Dolphins retired his #12 GRIESE
Timeworn TIRED
Unbelievable TALL
Zogby poll partner UPI
___ Journal (legal periodical) ABA
___ sheet SPEC
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