How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 11 2006

'Bonanza' brother HOSS
'The Wizard of Oz' pooch TOTO
'This is not making sense to me' IMLOST
'___, crackle, pop' SNAP
59-Across, e.g. ACTRESS
Album for which 59-Across won a Grammy, 1972, with 'The' ELECTRICCOMPANY
Ancient Peruvians INCAS
Antlered animal MOOSE
Aristocrat's home ESTATE
Big shots, for short VIPS
Birthplace of 59-Across PUERTORICO
Bullfighter's cloth CAPE
Burden ONUS
Campbell of the 'Scream' movies NEVE
Carpenter's metal piece TNUT
Cluster BUNCH
Comedian Bill, informally COS
Cut, as sheep's wool SHEAR
Debussy's 'La ___' MER
Drunkards SOTS
Engine additive brand STP
Foldaway bed COT
Forget to mention OMIT
Freezer trayful ICE
French 'she' ELLE
French word before and after 'à' VIS
Get rid of OUST
Giant slugger Mel OTT
Having a ghost HAUNTED
It's a butter alternative OLEO
Jiffy SEC
Little loved one DEARIE
Lt.'s inferior, in the Navy ENS
Lyric poems ODES
Mama ___ of the Mamas and the Papas CASS
Map borders, usually HEAVYLINES
Melodic subject, in music TEMA
Milan opera house LASCALA
Motivate PROD
Movie for which 59-Across won an Oscar, 1961 WESTSIDESTORY
Network to keep an 'eye' on CBS
Ohio's buckeye, California's redwood, etc. STATETREES
Opera set in the age of pharaohs AIDA
Part of the head that may be congested SINUS
Play for which 59-Across won a Tony, 1975 THERITZ
Pre-Columbus Mexican AZTEC
Prefix with potent OMNI
Protective spray MACE
Provide for free, informally COMP
Reuters competitor UPI
Scientologist ___ Hubbard LRON
Scratch MAR
Sedan or wagon AUTO
Server at a drive-in CARHOP
Singer's sound VOICE
Snoozes NAPS
Spanish houses CASAS
Spicy sauce ... or dance SALSA
Stair part STEP
Star born on 12/11/1931 RITAMORENO
Straight up ERECT
Tabby's cry MEOW
Tailor's line SEAM
The 'E' in E.R.: Abbr. EMER
TV host with a book club OPRAH
TV program for which 59-Across won an Emmy, 1977 THEMUPPETSHOW
W.W. II general Bradley OMAR
Ward (off) STAVE
___ and Means Committee WAYS
___ flakes CORN
___ the kill INAT
___ to go (eager) RARIN
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