How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 10 2015

'Get a room' elicitor, for short PDA
'Surely not ME!?' MOI
A crucible is a hard one TEST
Accrue hand over fist RAKEIN
Actor McGregor EWAN
Bloke CHAP
Blues chanteuse Washington DINAH
Bone to pick? FOSSIL
Bring aboard LADE
Build ECT
Build up HYPE
Chicago Cubs Hall-of-Famer NIEBANKS
Chow line? GRR
City ENE of Cleveland, OH IEPA
Classic Mercedes roadsters SLS
Dallas institution, for short SMU
Disney friend of Flounder and Sebastian ARIEL
Early afternoon ora UNA
Flynn of film ROL
Game box specification AGES
Geopolitical term introduced in the 2002 State of the Union AXISOFEVIL
Go on and on and on CHATT
Greasy spoon DIN
Have a dinner for, say FETE
Head of a conspiracy RINGLEAD
Honey-colored AMB
Hooks up UNITES
Infernal NETH
Like the core of the sun ULTRAHOT
Lotus position in yoga, e.g ASANA
Low hand? PEON
Lunar celebration TET
Northern game ELK
Obstacles seen four times in this puzzle's completed grid? STUMBLINGBLOCKS
One drawing alluring images OTICARTIST
One-named R&B singer with the hit '1, 2 Step' CIARA
Onetime NBC parent RCA
Opening word SESAME
Order out? DEPORT
Phoenician or Palestinian SEMITE
Pithecological study APES
Poet who won a 1967 Pulitzer for 'Live or Die' ANNESEXTON
Question thoroughly GRILL
Removal ASURE
Reputation ODOR
Salubrious HYGIENIC
School of thought ISM
Series of races MEET
Setting for the George Clooney film 'The Descendants' OAHU
Several works of Michelangelo PIETAS
Singer befriended by a young Forrest Gump ELVIS
Something lost and returned in a fairy tale GLASSSLIPP
Song of the South DIXIE
Spots for computer users PIXELS
Storied assassin NINJA
Sub choice SALAMI
Succession within an ethnic group? AEIOU
Terpsichore's domain DANCE
That señora ELLA
Thus far, informally TILNOW
Treacherous bend ESS
Trying type PEST
Turkish pooh-bah PASHA
Typo, e.g GOOF
Unenviable situation MESS
Verbalize UTT
Was an errant driver? SLICED
White-tailed eagles NES
Wipes (out) CLEANS
Worker at a stable SHO
Young wolves PUPS
___ Stavro Blofeld (Bond archvillain) NST
___ toast MELBA
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