How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 09 2018

'... ___ they say' orso
'Am not!' rejoinder aretoo
'And if I don't?' orwhat
'Far out!' rad
'Fuhgeddaboudit!' naw
'Happy Birthday' writer, maybe icer
'Inspector Gadget' antagonist drclaw
'Remember the ___!' alamo
'___ bleu!' sacre
2007 #1 Alicia Keys album asiam
Actress Fisher isla
Acts like a helicopter parent to hoversover
Adaptable sorts chameleons
Adding and subtracting math
Adler in Sherlock Holmes stories irene
African grassland veldt
Also aswellas
Angle fish
Asian territory in Risk ural
Barbie's strawberry blond sister stacie
Be beholden to owe
Best seller subtitled 'The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English' woeisi
Big things for megalomaniacs egos
Bit of forensic data dna
Blue Book value decreaser dent
Breather lung
Bricklayer's tool trowel
Brown ___ ale
Burgle rob
Cabinet selection? file
Capital of Kazakhstan astana
Capital on the same parallel as Seward, Alaska oslo
Carries away tows
Cent : U.S. :: ___ : Sweden ore
Certain product of pyrolysis shaleoil
Classic Chrysler lebaron
Cordial relations amity
Corp. mogul ceo
Cranky baby's need nap
Creation after the Indian and Eurasian plates collided himalayas
Cryptid of 105-Across thekraken
Cryptid of the 115-Across lochnessmonster
Cryptid of the 91-Across abominablesnowman
Cupboard with open shelves at the top hutch
Demise end
Dispense allot
Eleniak of 'Baywatch' erika
Enthusiasm zeal
Eschew avoid
Event not intended to be repeated oneoff
Failed the class gotanf
Fast time lent
Feudal domain fief
Freshly painted wet
From Swansea, say welsh
Gaelic's home scottishhighlands
Gave two big thumbs down panned
Ghost wraith
Gumbo ingredient okra
Harm detriment
Having many fans ... or needing a fan? hot
Highway gunk roadtar
Hobbles limps
Housewives and househusbands homemakers
In a perfect world atbest
Indulges in to an unhealthy degree, briefly odson
Inventor Otis elisha
It borders Iceland's eastern coast thenorwegiansea
It can come in rolls sushi
It's not your fault let
Italian wine town asti
Jersey and others isles
Junior in the Football Hall of Fame seau
Kids' TV character who speaks in a falsetto elmo
Kingston bro mon
Like a top-rated Michelin restaurant threestar
Like Bob Dylan's voice nasal
Like chemotherapy drugs anticancer
Make wealthy enrich
Massimo who wrote 'The Goodbye Kiss' carlotto
Meas. in a T.S.A. carry-on rule ozs
Medical discovery of 1928 penicillin
Mother of the Virgin Mary anne
Motor ___ inn
Narrow down winnow
Northeast state sch unh
Nota ___ bene
Nursery rhyme seat tuffet
Of service utile
One with a backstage pass vip
Opus ___ dei
Original Beatle Sutcliffe stu
P rho
Panache elan
Part (of) some
Part of U.C.S.F san
Penne ___ vodka alla
Perfumery oil neroli
Person who's happy to go bust? narc
Playwright Chekhov anton
Pluck tweeze
Pomme de ___ (French for 'potato') terre
Poughkeepsie campus vassar
Psyched amped
Real Madrid vis-à-vis F.C. Barcelona rival
Real: Ger echt
Rearward aft
Repair, as a metal joint resolder
Return letters? irs
Robert who pioneered in electronic music moog
See 62-Across wheretofindthem
See 62-Across and
Shad delicacy roe
Silent communication, for short asl
Singer Del Rey lana
Smallish batteries aas
Sort with a stiff upper lip stoic
Squeeze (out) eke
Stagger reel
Starbuck's order giver ahab
Surgically remove resect
Talk like one smitten coo
Tape or patch mend
Telephone buttons that lack letters ones
The golden rule, e.g tenet
Tickle elate
Total hunk stud
Traitor rat
Until now yet
Value system ethic
Voice-activated device since 2014 amazonecho
Weather-controlling 'X-Men' character storm
What old army buddies might discuss thewar
When crepuscular animals are active dawn
With 68- and 74-Across, J. K. Rowling's first screenplay, with a hint to three pairs of answers in this puzzle fantasticbeasts
Word before and after 'say' never
___ Johnson a.k.a. The Rock dwayne
___ rap (music subgenre) emo
___ Ski Valley taos
___-mannered mild
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