How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 09 1999

'Grumpy Old Men' co-star MATTHAU
'Mutiny on the Bounty' star, 1962 BRANDO
'The possession of fools': Herodotus PRIDE
1,000-kilometer chain ALPS
18-Down product AUTO
Aircraft at Orly AVION
Anemometer spinner GUST
Arctic transport SLEDGE
Author Calvino ITALO
Bacon piece ESSAY
Beluga yield ROE
Big ape ORANG
Big Board inits. NYSE
Big Swedish manufacturer SAAB
Bit of plankton ALGA
Busy time at Indy MAY
Canning instruction BOIL
Caravan beast CAMEL
Chronotherapy aids it SLEEP
Clean up, in a way BLEEP
Common bait REDWORM
Confession starter MEA
Crime lab job DNATEST
Dance wildly GYRATE
Diploma word SUMMA
Domicile ABODE
Drops with a thud PLOPSDOWN
Dry-as-dust BLAH
Essence SOUL
Feathered layers HENS
Footnote abbr. ETAL
Forward part STEM
Four seasons in Baja ANO
Gund Arena hoopsters CAVS
Is expected (to) OUGHT
Jazzy riffs VAMPS
Jest, part 2 WORDABOUTME
Jest, part 3 BEINGATOUGH
Just ___ should be ASIT
Kind of waves RADIO
Level RAZE
Locust tree ACACIA
Mambo cousin TANGO
Orange-and-white rental UHAUL
Org. that does raids ATF
Philologist's ref. OED
Place of complete content EDEN
Pot builder ANTE
Presents in detail LAYSOUT
Rabin's predecessor MEIR
Schemata PLANS
Schoolmarm's do BUN
Sentient AWARE
Settle up with PAY
Shepherd of Genesis ABEL
Singer Lopez TRINI
Six-Day War commander DAYAN
Solidify CLOT
Sprout TOT
Start of a Harvey Keitel jest to a journalist IFYOUSAYONEMORE
The first Tudor Henry VII
They may be cosmic RAYS
Thurman of 'Jennifer 8' UMA
Top-Flite support TEE
Uproars ADOS
Urgent ACUTE
Verbal stumbles UMS
Was sweet on LOVED
Went ballistic RAGED
Withhold DENY
Without empathy ICILY
Wittenberg's river ELBE
___ dye AZO
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