How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 08 2002

'All in the Family' daughter GLORIA
'Gender blender,' e.g. FEMINRHYME
'Get ___!' THIS
'Later' BYE
'Talking in Your Sleep' singer GAYLE
'Time's Arrow' author MARTINAMIS
'___ & Janis' (comic strip) ARLO
'___ Ben Adhem' ABOU
'___ Unplugged' (hit 1999 album) ALANIS
1807 Wordsworth poem ITISABEAUTEOUSING
1997 U.S. Open champ ELS
ABC, for one TRIGRAM
Acid LSD
Actress Bloom CLAIRE
Actress Suvari of 'American Beauty' MENA
Article in Le Soir UNE
Astronomy Muse URANIA
Bad day's record for a batter ZFORT
Big cheese BOSS
Big company hookup PHONETRK
Big pipes MAINS
Blacksmith SHOER
Block BAN
Blood line AORTA
Butcher's cut FILET
Caprice WHIM
Capt.'s prediction ETA
Cats' dogs PAWS
Ceaselessly ONEND
Church area APSE
Coin replaced by the euro PESETA
Commercial time of day NITE
Completely INALL
Compound W's target WART
Contract addenda RIDERS
Crew member OARSMAN
Crow's-nest cry LANDHO
Decreases? IRONS
Deli spread MAYO
Dimin.'s opposite CRESC
Do schoolwork? TEACH
Draft org. SSS
Farsi speaker IRANI
Foe of Lenin CZARIST
Former 'Monday Night Football' commentator ESIASON
Four-___ (big fire) ALARMER
Framer's need MAT
French monarch who ordered the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, 1572 KINGCHARLES
French pronoun LUI
Friend of Porthos ARAMIS
Frozen Wasser EIS
Future stars COMERS
G.I. rank PFC
Genesis locale ARARAT
Gets fuel GASSESUP
Glasses part TEMPLE
Goddess on a trophy NIKE
Greek house, for short FRAT
Greetings HIS
Grimm boy HANSEL
Hall-of-Fame second baseman Johnny EVERS
Hasty escape LAM
He hit a home run to end the 1960 World Series BILLMAZSKI
Heat maker BOILER
Hole goal PAR
Honorary deg. that Harvard awarded George Washington LLD
Howard of 'WKRP in Cincinnati' HESSEMAN
In other words IDEST
Injection material INSULIN
Iowa college COE
It's covered by a high top ANKLE
It's on the left side of the third row back FPIN
J. P. Morgan offering, for short IRA
Jai ___ ALAI
Jazz fan? UTAHAN
Just beat (out) NOSED
Kiddie ___ LIT
Kind of engr. MECH
Kind of film, in brief EMM
Kind of house, in England GAOL
Kind of sch. ELEM
Letter? TENANT
Lingerie item NIGHTIE
Links letters PGA
Loan sharks' practices USURIES
Lodges INNS
Long hauler FRETRAIN
Longtime 'Saturday Night Live' announcer DONPARDO
Lyric poet who wrote 'Tears,' 1899 LIZETTEWOODWORTSE
Mac rivals PCS
Maine ___ cat COON
Mallomars maker NABISCO
Mathematician John Von ___ NEUMANN
Maximilian I's realm: Abbr. HRE
Meditation sounds OMS
Mendacity LIE
Mideast grp. PLO
Milne character ROO
More cunning SLYER
N. Calif. peak MTSHASTA
N.C. State is in it ACC
Not roman: Abbr. ITAL
Noted parade day MAYOST
Old Fords LTDS
One in a pen CON
One of Dostoevsky's 'Brothers Karamazov' IVAN
Opposite of 'Hurray!' ALAS
Part of l'union ETAT
Pencil inscription NOT
Place for Chicago touchdowns OHARE
Poet's preposition ERE
Prevent ESTOP
Prosecute SUE
Puerto Ayacucho's river ORINOCO
Queenside castle, in chess notation OOO
Quick breads SCONES
Read but not post, in a chat room LURK
Register button NOSALE
Relating to high-tech flight AVIONIC
Religious figures LAMAS
Rice University player OWL
Rioter, maybe STONER
Rochester's love EYRE
Rolaids rival TUMS
Schweppes brand SUP
Seasons SALTS
Simon and Diamond NEILS
Situps' target ABS
Small dog's spot LAP
Small falcons MERLINS
Soap set in Salem DAYSOFLIVES
Sot's problem DTS
Special, perhaps ENTREE
Start a point SERVE
Start of an exaggeration IFTOLDYOUONCE
Start of the 15th century MCDI
Street two blocks south of St. Marks Pl. in N.Y.C. ESTH
Stretched out LAIN
Stuff FILL
Tackle GEAR
Test for a sr. GRE
The Green Hornet's sidekick KATO
Throwing style OVERARM
Time in D.C. when it's noon in Cairo FAM
To be, in Bolivia SER
Turned on by INTO
Watergate figure DEAN
West Indian musical pieces CALYPSOS
When the Roman general Drusus Senior died NBC
When TV's 'Route 66' aired: Abbr. FRI
White dwarf DOC
Woolen overcoats ULSTERS
Word part: Abbr. SYL
___ avis RARA
___ Barton (first Triple Crown winner) SIR
___-guided LASER
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