How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 07 2015

'All About ___ Bass' (2014 #1 hit by 5-Down) THAT
'Otello' composer VERDI
'The Farmer in the ___' DELL
'Um ... that is ...' IMEAN
'You and what army?!' MAKEME
'___ be all right' ITLL
1990s candidate H. Ross ___ PEROT
Abbr. ending a co. name INC
Animated TV character who cries 'D'oh!' HOMERSIMPSON
Baldwin of '30 Rock' ALEC
Bedridden LAIDUP
Big name in jeans LEE
Bridle straps REINS
Candy ___ (Christmas decorations) CANES
Caribbean, e.g SEA
Centers of attention FOCI
Chávez or Romero CESAR
Club that's usually numbered from 3 to 9 IRON
Comment made while fanning oneself IMHOT
Cry that means 'I want some milk' (or who knows what?) MEOW
Dog food brand IAMS
Elvis ___ Presley ARON
Features of Dalmatians SPOTS
File name add-on EXTENSION
Finishes ENDS
Formerly top-rated show starring Mark Harmon NCIS
Freeway access points ONRAMPS
French underground PARISMETRO
G.O.P.'er: Abbr REP
Give ___ of one's own medicine ADOSE
Golfing standard PAR
Guns & ___ magazine AMMO
Hanoi is its capital VIETNAM
He quarterbacked the Dallas Cowboys to three 1990s Super Bowl wins TROYAIKMAN
Indian dress SARI
It blocks Superman's X-ray vision LEAD
Jane Austen novel on which 'Clueless' is based EMMA
Jimmy Eat World genre EMO
Juliet's lover ROMEO
Key vulnerability ACHILLESHEEL
Kind of map often colored red and blue ELECTORAL
Made from clay CERAMIC
Many a junior varsity player SOPHOMORE
Morays and congers EELS
Mosque leader IMAM
Muscat's land OMAN
Old presidential dog whose name starts a Christmas carol refrain FALA
Out of a job IDLE
Peaceful IRENIC
Perfect IDEAL
Pirate's 'Stop!' AVAST
Rich cake TORTE
Salaries, raw materials, advertising, etc COSTS
Shakespeare's stream AVON
Sharpening HONING
Singer Meghan TRAINOR
Slangy affirmative YEP
Tabula ___ (blank slate) RASA
Telephoned RANG
The 'fact' that the Great Wall of China is visible from space, and others MYTHS
Things checked by the T.S.A IDS
Triumphed WON
Unhealthily thin GAUNT
Utter SAY
Voice above tenor ALTO
Volcanic output LAVA
What a wheel rotates on AXLE
When Otello dies in 'Otello' ACTIV
Wood used in shingles CEDAR
Work hinted at by the starts of 17-, 26-, 42- and 56-Across ILIAD
Yemeni port city ADEN
Yorba ___, Calif LINDA
___ mia (Italian term of endearment) CARA
___ the lily GILD
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