How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 05 1998

'1984' setting OCEANIA
'Aroint thee!,' in modern language SCAT
'Turandot' slave girl LIU
Accumulating fines OVERDUE
B+ or C-, e.g. AVERAGE
Banger, in Britain SAUSAGE
Bit of hesitation HAW
Blissful states EDENS
Bristles SETAE
Carpentry chore NAILING
Danish cheese HAVARTI
Defective BAD
Dinner table? MENU
Dirigible parts KEELS
Elephant grass, e.g. CATTAIL
Enrich, in a way LARD
Entombed king TUT
Error that leads to trial CRIME
Fine-tune TWEAK
Finnish cross-country gold medalist Maentyranta EERO
First-magnitude star in Virgo SPICA
Flash flood FRESHET
For best results IDEALLY
Fungal spore sacs AECIA
Gloaming EVE
Gorilla's swing LIANA
Gray piece ODE
Handel opera EZIO
Hardly retiring PUSHY
It's often made freshly PASS
Knight noise CLANK
Launch of 2/20/86 MIR
Leaching product LYE
Leopard spot ROSETTE
Light yellowish green AVOCADO
Mother of the Valkyries ERDA
Musical embellishment ROULADE
Not fancy at all DESPISE
Not nous ILS
Perverse WRY
Poet laureate of 1692 TATE
Pot contents, perhaps LOBSTER
Program particular AGENDUM
Property of a cliché TRITENESS
Qabus bin Said, e.g. OMANI
Ready for drawing ONTAP
Reasoned out DERIVED
Roman home protectors PENATES
Royal Philharmonic founder BEECHAM
Safer associate STAHL
Salad preparation step RINSING
Scourges BANES
Shiva's wife KALI
Southern roots YAMS
Suffocating solution AMMONIA
Superlatively spare BONIEST
Tannin source SUMAC
They may be private SECTORS
They're left behind ESTATES
They're off during takeoff LAPTOPS
Viña ___ Mar, Chile DEL
West end of L.A.? LOS
When the kids are out NAPTIME
___ Buena (island in San Francisco Bay) YERBA
___ nous ENTRE
___ parts AUTO
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