How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 03 2009

'Absolument!' OUIOUI
'And giving ___, up the chimney ...' ANOD
'La Grenouillère,' e.g. RENOIR
'Mi casa ___ casa' ESSU
'The Sopranos' actor ILER
'You missed it' TOOLATE
'___ be my pleasure' ITD
'___ for you!' ('Seinfeld' refusal) NOSOUP
'___ the hills and far away' OER
A, in Alsace UNE
Adult rating for the small screen TVMA
Ancestor of the modern horse EOHIPPUS
Attentive dog owner PETTER
Author of 'Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship' GOETHE
Base figure, for short NCO
Bearish URSINE
Big brand in basketballs VOIT
Bit of jewelry EARBOB
Bond, e.g.: Abbr. AGT
Buggy locale? DUNE
Cable choice AANDE
Call REF
Citi Field predecessor SHEA
Classic camera KONICA
Code-breaking central, in brief NSA
Connection means, for short ISPS
Contents of many files: Abbr. LTRS
Cry from Juliet ORO
Dish with ham DENVERLETTE
English monarch who shared the throne MARYII
Exchange premium AGIO
Features of May-December marriages AGEGAPS
Hare follower KRISHNA
Hesitate in speaking HEM
Hold as DEEM
Holds on a mat NELSONS
Hotel transportation VANS
Howard the Duck prop STOGY
I.C.U. worker LPN
Improve HONE
It's well-positioned OILRIG
Little, in Lille PEU
Little: Suffix ETTE
Lock up SECURE
McCartney, e.g. SIR
Medium on the outside? EMS
Michael Jackson genre URBANPOP
More eager ITCHIER
Most twisted WRYEST
Night's start? MID
Not pizzicato ARCO
Observatory references STARMAPS
Old sketch comedy show SCTV
Play (with) MESS
Polish capital, 1038-1596 KRAKOW
Presaging disaster DIRE
Radar selection NEHI
Restricted zone NOGOAREA
Scammed STUNG
Sidelining cause SPRAIN
Slowpokes LAGGARDS
Temperamental one, supposedly ARTIST
The 'H' in Hanukkah HETH
There are four hidden in this puzzle, which together suggest a familiar five-word saying (3,5,4,2,4) ROADS
Trident wielder, typically SEAGOD
U.N. observer since '74 PLO
U.S.S. Enterprise defenses SHIELDS
U.S.S.R.'s successor CIS
Virgil, for one POET
Volleyball action between bump and spike SET
Words of regret IFONLY
Zwei x vier ACHT
___ budget ONA
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