How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 02 2018

'Ask ___ ...' not
'At Seventeen' singer Janis ___ ian
'Cómo ___ usted?' esta
'Despicable Me' supervillain gru
'Father ___' (bygone British sitcom) ted
'That's all wrong!' nonono
'___ Vickers,' Sinclair Lewis novel ann
'___, My God, to Thee' (hymn) nearer
13579 AZ oddsandends
A miner concern? ore
Abbr. that rhymes with 'bill,' appropriately util
After all deductions net
All you can eat edibles
Altar avowal ido
Anklebone talus
Announcement over a plane's P.A eta
AT hot dog hot dog RA franksinatra
Atlanta-to-Miami dir sse
Baseball's Garciaparra nomar
Big name in watches omega
Blow away awe
Boiling blood ire
Boy king in Shakespeare's 'Richard III' edwardv
Brackish coastal habitat saltmarsh
Broadway's McDonald audra
Cardinal letters stl
Catbird seat? nest
Certain reunion attendee niece
Children's author Blyton enid
Citrus drink ade
Comment on a blog post
Cornerstone abbr estab
Country on the Red Sea eritrea
Creator of a draft brewer
Creator of the detective Adam Dalgliesh pdjames
Currier's partner ives
Cut, as a log sawn
Dad ___ bod
Darlings pets
Dateless, say alone
Discordant atonal
Doesn't keep rots
Durable yellow cotton cloth nankeen
Egyptian god of the universe amenra
Eldest Stark son on 'Game of Thrones' robb
End of the British alphabet zed
Evictor of the Jews in 'Fiddler on the Roof' tsar
Explosion fragments shrapnel
Farrokh Bulsara ___ Freddie Mercury aka
Fiery peppers habaneros
First name on the Supreme Court elena
Flag tire
Freshen renew
Funds endows
Garden parties? adamandeve
Genetic info carrier rna
German port in Lower Saxony emden
Give a major lift elate
Grassy expanse sward
Grassy expanse lea
Greek ally in the 'Iliad' hera
Groceries holder bag
Hank who voices Moe and Chief Wiggum azaria
Hash houses beaneries
He wore #6 for the Sixers drj
Home sick? out
Icon leading to checkout cart
Invincibility power-up in Mario games star
It often comes before the fall trip
It's better than never, they say late
It's frequently in Italian aria
Kept on going lasted
Knight who co-founded Nike phil
Large green moths lunas
Large large skip skip toobigtoignore
Less crazy saner
Like cleats spiked
Like some clean energy solar
Like some yoga tantric
Lion's share most
Locks in a barn? mane
Long haul trek
Lyric poem epode
Manhattan Project creation abomb
Many a fête d'anniversaire attendee amie
Masters mavens
Minute amount iota
Moonshine maker's need mash
Norwegian P.M. Stoltenberg jens
Off-road motorcycle race enduro
Ones place till
Opening in a battlement crenel
Palindromic title madam
Part of a buck antler
Partner of aid abet
Per spire breakingasweat
Perch for a pie sill
Pint glass fill ale
Pivot around an axis slue
Political refugees emigres
PP UU BB parallelbars
Puts in order neatens
Reversed undid
Sandra Denton, in hip-hop's 'Whatta Man' trio pepa
Satellite connection uplink
Scratch (out) eke
Sibyl seer
Sings the blues wails
Six-foot runner? ant
Small dam weir
Some transitional movie shots fadeins
Something studied in toponymy placename
Something to take lying down rest
Soul sister, say bff
Spanish title: Abbr srta
Sporting a feathery crest tufted
Store event that people may stand in line for onedaysale
Street fleet cabs
Summer clock setting: Abbr dst
Tags ids
Telepathy term psi
Tennis judge's cry fault
Test for a college sr gre
The Lions or Tigers, on scoreboards det
Transmission part gearcase
Traveled in trunks? swam
Trojan ally in the 'Iliad' ares
Two in the hand deuce
Victoria's Secret item bra
What a Mercator projection map notably distorts area
What all people are, per the Bible sinners
What obsidian forms from lava
White sheet floe
Woodworking tool fretsaw
Wound + dis addinsulttoinjury
Writer Wiesel elie
Yearn ÷ do longoverdue
___ avis rara
___ Bridge (Venice landmark) rialto
___ Caovilla, Italian shoe designer rene
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