How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 02 2014

'Ah, Wilderness!' playwright ONEILL
'April Love' singer, 1957 PATBOONE
'Are you game?' WANTTO
'Darn it!' HECK
'Dies ___' IRAE
'Fiddlesticks!' CURSES
'Fudge!' BLAST
'Great Scott!' WOW
'Holy cow!' ZOUNDS
'Man!' GEE
'Nuts!' DAMN
'Rats!' SHOOT
100 meters x 100 meters HECTARE
2000 Richard Gere title role DRT
Admonish CHIDE
Alaska city that's larger in area than Rhode Island or Delaware SITKA
Auto part driven by the crankshaft FANBELT
Benchwarmer SUB
Bit of cleverness NEATIDEA
Boy's name that means 'the king' ELROY
Cold-blooded killer, for short CROC
Common newspaper nickname TRIB
Darn it SOCK
Drinking buddy for Falstaff HAL
Drinks at Trader Vic's MAITAIS
Entirely ALL
Ernst & Young employee, for short CPA
Exclamations often made with head-slaps DOHS
Fabled monster in Arabic literature ROC
Fabled monster in English literature ORC
Fiddlesticks BOWS
Football Hall-of-Famer Ford LEN
Great Scott WALTER
Guthrie who sang at Woodstock ARLO
H as in Heracles ETA
Harmful ___ bloom (aquatic growth) ALGAL
Hatcher of 'Desperate Housewives' TERI
Holy cow ZEBU
Infinitely repeating geometric patterns FRACTALS
It's a riot UPRISING
Jai ___ ALAI
James ___ Garfield ABRAM
Jet for the jet set SST
Landslide winner of 1972 NIXON
Likely APT
Moral tenet ETHIC
Movies, informally FLIX
Old French coin ECU
Old hand EXPERT
One-named singer with four Grammys ENYA
Polynesian dietary staple TARO
Port on the Firth of Clyde AYR
Radiation dosage REM
Rake over the coals BERATE
Reorganize computer data to improve performance, informally DEFRAG
Santa ___ winds ANA
Seductive 'Austin Powers' android FEMBOT
Send someplace else REFER
Small songbird TOMTIT
Stars and Bars soldier, informally REB
Straight HETERO
Sunday morning talk show assemblage PANEL
T-bone, e.g STEAK
Textbook segment UNIT
Theatricalize EMOTE
Tool for fishing a frozen river ICESAW
V-shaped cut NOTCH
Wagon pullers OXEN
Wall St. credential MBA
What the wary keep open while sleeping ONEEYE
Words before go or ride LETIT
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