How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 02 2005

'No kidding' TRULY
'___ come to that' ITMAY
'___ Eyes' by the Eagles LYIN
A Freud ANNA
Adopted son of Claudius NERO
Anatomical passage ITER
Anhydrous SERE
Anticommunist leader TSAR
Bacon sizzle SSSS
Big employer of inspectors: Abbr. USDA
Big name in insurance AFLAC
Caballero's locale LLANO
Carrying ARMED
Catherine of history PARR
Center in a state's center EPCOT
Change one's focus REAIM
Clipped TERSE
Color-conscious grp. EEOC
Conductor seen at night NEON
Confectioner's raw material CACAO
Detroit's county WAYNE
Dr.'s order MRI
Early Surrealist ARP
End of a Scottish title sung at many parties SYNE
Famous player of a milkman with many daughters TOPOL
Footed receptacles URNS
Game with a Wild Draw Four card UNO
Give ___ of the hat ATIP
Hasn't left ISIN
How easy things might be ASABC
It might expose rings SAW
It's unresolved TIE
John Le Carré characters INTELLIGENCEMEN
King ___ II known as 'The Stout' OLAF
Kinsey report topic HETEROSEXUALITY
Knife SHIV
Limb's end TOE
Literary inits. RLS
No. for Na or Ni ATWT
Not hide ADMIT
Not so hard LAXER
Old radio title character AMOS
One being brought along PROTEGE
Opening INTRO
Org. to which eight U.S. presidents have belonged NRA
Pamper SPOIL
Popular writers BICS
Product with three heads NORELCO
Relative of a bottlenose ORCA
Relatively common letters SPAM
Run like ___ ADEER
Salt's partner PEPA
Shows no one comes to see DRESSREHEARSALS
Soldier's group UNIT
Something folded before a meal PITA
Source of pop-ups? ELECTRICTOASTER
Source of pop-ups? NATIONALPASTIME
Start of North Carolina's motto ESSE
Symbols of masculinity MANES
Takes a course OPTS
Takes an alternate course VEERS
Takes the wrong way MISAPPROPRIATES
They ring out in rings OLES
Thompson of 'Family' SADA
Went after SUED
Wishful words IHOPESO
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