How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 01 2008

'12 angry men,' e.g. JURY
'Get it?' SEE
'Git!' SCRAM
'Maria ___,' 1941 #1 hit ELENA
'___ Gantry' ELMER
'___ Got a Secret' IVE
'___ the night before Christmas ...' TWAS
Actress Griffith MELANIE
Actress Moorehead AGNES
Announces HERALDS
Baby goats KIDS
Balsam, e.g. FIR
Barely shining DIM
Baseball scores RUNS
Birth mother's helper NURSEMIDWIFE
Birth-related NATAL
Bring to 212 degrees BOIL
California's ___ Woods MUIR
Came to the ground ALIT
Change abruptly, or what the insides of 17-, 27- and 43-Across do? TURNONADIME
Chemistry Nobelist Otto HAHN
Chest part STERNUM
Commitment to pay IOU
Complex procedure RIGMAROLE
Connected on only one side, as a town house SEMIDETACHED
Court WOO
Covered with ivy VINED
Crew members OARSMEN
Declaration ending 'or else!' THREAT
Deprive (of) BEREAVE
Famous part of Rossini's 'William Tell' OVERTURE
Game with Colonel Mustard and Mrs. Peacock CLUE
Golf cry FORE
Hardly ever RARELY
Has thoughts IDEATES
Hockey great Gordie HOWE
Impoverished NEEDY
J.F.K.'s successor LBJ
Jerome who composed 'The Last Time I Saw Paris' KERN
Jesse of the 1936 Olympics OWENS
John Cougar Mellencamp's 'R.O.C.K. in the ___' USA
Leers at OGLES
Long times EONS
Manicurist's tool EMERY
Menagerie ZOO
Minimum LEAST
Mouse's big cousin RAT
Not pro ANTI
Not reduced, as some illustrations LIFESIZED
Number on a bus. card TEL
One of the dancing Astaires ADELE
Ones flying south for the winter GEESE
Order at the Pig and Whistle ALE
Paris's Gare de l'___ EST
Poetic Muse ERATO
Portland's home MAINE
Power unit WATT
Religious groups CLERGIES
Rheumatism symptom ACHE
Rob on the street MUG
Shoemaker's tool AWL
Some jeans LEES
Storm clouds, to some OMEN
Study of the body: Abbr. ANAT
The 'B' of 11-Across BAINES
The Beatles' 'Revolver' or 'Help!' ALBUM
Thing from which a butterfly emerges COCOON
Trayful of cookies, e.g. BATCH
Turn away AVERT
Uses the '+' function ADDS
VCR button REW
Waits patiently BIDES
___ Club (discount store) SAMS
___ motion (start) SETIN
___ the Terrible IVAN
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