How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 01 2005

'Frisco ___' (1945 crime drama) SAL
'No problem here' SUITSME
'___ a date!' ITS
Acted amorously SPOONED
Alfresco OPENAIR
Almost eternity AEON
Alpine stream AARE
Angry with SOREAT
Answers, quickly RSVPS
Attribute ASCRIBE
Big hits: Abbr. HRS
Big name in late-night LENO
Bloody Mary alternatives MIMOSAS
Bombs produced in the 1950's EDSELS
Bookbinding leather ROAN
Citrus ___, Calif. HTS
Confrontation RUNIN
Connected (with) TIEDIN
Desk clerks, bellhops, maids, etc.? INNCROWD
Dickens character with a metallic voice? TINNYTIM
Farm letters? EIEIO
Field of vision? OPTICS
Filaments' structures STAMENS
Flockhart of 'Ally McBeal' CALISTA
Gets mushy MELTS
Give the brush-off? DELINT
Great deal OCEAN
Horizon standout SPIRE
Impend LOOM
In thing TREND
Kauai keepsake LEI
L'Adriatique, par exemple MER
Left speechless INAWE
Like a good subject LOYAL
Like some oaths SOLEMN
Long introduction? ERE
Lose it SNAP
Makes an unwanted pass at HITSON
Military org. that had roots in the Easter Rising IRA
Miss America Myerson and others BESSES
Nasdaq listings, for short COS
New York's ___ State Parkway TACONIC
Nokia, in the telephone business? FINNISHLINE
Not a good looker? SNEERER
Old Tokyo EDO
One from Germany? EINS
Pioneering collagist PICASSO
Positive end ANODE
Post-Manhattan Project org. AEC
Principal pipes MAINS
Proposal parameters SPECS
Quarterback Dawson LEN
Russian summer retreat DACHA
Sailing ASEA
Scheherazade, for one HEROINE
Sen. Reid's home: Abbr. NEV
Some roulette bets NOIRS
Sought, as office RANFOR
Spanish island MENORCA
Squishee seller on 'The Simpsons' APU
Start of a British poet's card game? DONNEDEAL
Supermarket section MEATS
They can be hurled at people INSULTS
Titan dethroned by his son CRONUS
Turn into something else RESHAPE
TV Guide info AIRTIME
Watchdog org.? ASPCA
Where to home-shop for French couture? COCOCHANNEL
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