How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 28 2018

'Couldn't tell ya!' idunno
'Gimme just ___' asec
'Gross!' eww
'Hilarious!,' briefly rofl
'Knocked Up' director Judd apatow
'We Like ___' (old campaign slogan) ike
Alpo alternative iams
Animated movie villain with Minions gru
Australia's national gem opal
B+, e.g ion
Ball in the sky orb
Be in a dither fret
Biblical verb with 'thou' doest
Comes calling stopsin
Compete vie
Connection point for a smartphone cable usbcharger
Covert means of communication ... or what's hiding in the circled letters? backchannel
Currency of Italy or France euro
Customize, as a video game mod
Do some farrier's work on reshoe
Edamame beans soys
Ending with many fruit names ade
Finnish-based consumer electronics giant nokia
First word of the Lord's Prayer our
Gobble up eat
Hockey feints dekes
Indian flatbread naan
It might start with 'For Starters' menu
Jean who wrote 'Wide Sargasso Sea' rhys
Lions, Tigers or Bears team
Loser of tennis's Battle of the Sexes bobbyriggs
Makes the cut? saws
Misbehaving bad
Mysterious vibes auras
Nonsense talk jive
On atop
One using Monster.com jobhunter
Part of a TV schedule slot
Place to get a perm salon
Portia de Rossi, to Ellen DeGeneres wife
Portrayer of Cruella de Vil in 1996's '101 Dalmatians' glennclose
Powers that be: Abbr mgmt
Prepare for a hockey game laceup
Prepare to go on the runway taxi
Raggedy ___ (dolls) anns
Really sunburned redasabeet
Resealable container for chips or cheese ziplocbag
Rhinoceros's skin, essentially armor
Richie and Ralph's pal on 'Happy Days' potsie
Royal attendants retinue
Shakespearean title bard
She reads the signs seeress
Should pay owesto
Show the door seeout
Soft-serve chain tcby
Sports ___ bra
Spot for a yacht slip
Spot for a yacht marina
Sunburn soother aloe
Teaching catchphrase popularized by 'The Karate Kid' waxonwaxoff
That dude's his
The Beatles' 'Let ___' itbe
Tolkien beast orc
Trades swaps
Trap, as a car boxin
Tribe at Council Bluff otoe
Twist out of shape deform
Vittles chow
What a Pride Day parader might dress in drag
What dogs 'shake' with paws
What frugal people make do with less
Wolf-headed Egyptian god anubis
[Blown kiss] mwah
___ alphabet nato
___ Domini anno
___ dye azo
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