How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 28 2013

'Beauty is in the eye of the ___ holder': Kinky Friedman BEER
'Good grief!' AARGH
'Inconstancy falls off ___ it begins': Shak ERE
'What can ___?' ISAY
A.C.C. team, informally TERPS
Attired CLAD
Battlers at sea ARMADAS
Be really annoying GRATE
Be sore ACHE
Best sellers HITS
Big silver exporter PERU
Bluegrass duo? ESSES
Bro's sib SIS
Chestnut-colored flying mammal REDBAT
Crosses one's fingers, perhaps HOPES
Deerstalker, e.g HAT
Deplorable HORRID
Eleanor : F.D.R. :: Bess : ___ HST
Faucet annoyance DRIP
Gave up by giving up control PUNTED
Gives off EMITS
Go into the wild blue yonder SOAR
Go to ___ on TOWN
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Home of the U.S.'s largest cities whose names start with X and Z OHIO
Injures WOUNDS
It lights up when it's excited ARGON
It's elementary ATOM
It's the law STATUTE
Its capital is Nuku'alofa TONGA
Kenny Rogers's '___ Believes in Me' SHE
Le ___, France HAVRE
Lender's offering: Abbr MTGE
Like some sprays NASAL
Listens up, quaintly HEARKENS
Litigant SUER
Man whose 1930 salary was $75,000 PRESIDENTHOOVER
Mathematical physicist Peter who pioneered in knot theory TAIT
Memory units BITS
Naval rank: abbr ENS
Newcastle Brown and others ALES
Nickname for 1-/67-Across THESULTANOFSWAT
Not adept in SLOWAT
Obama's birthplace OAHU
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
One's part? SOLO
One-piece garments, informally UNIS
Peace and quiet SERENITY
Philharmonic grp ORCH
Pre-barbecuing mixture RUB
Precede FOREGO
Pro ___ RATA
Purpose USE
QB Stafford MATT
Quote from 1-/67-Across on why he outearned 38-Across IHADABETTERYEAR
Rathskeller order STEIN
Runs rampant TEEMS
School for James Bond ETON
See 1-Across RUTH
Seventh anniversary ruiner? ITCH
Sexual attraction, with 'the' HOTS
Snowy wader EGRET
Surveyor's unit ROD
The 'emptor' in 'caveat emptor' BUYER
Time piece? ISSUE
Treat, as a hide TAN
Treats, as a sprain ICES
Units of brilliance? ATEAMS
Up in arms? ENLISTED
Vicina della Francia ITALIA
Whittle PARE
With 67-Across, man whose 1930 salary was $80,000 BABE
Word repeated when consoling someone THERE
Writer James AGEE
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