How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 26 2018

'Alas ...' sadly
'Awesome!' rad
'Bravo!' ole
'Bridesmaids' co-star wiig
'Harlequin's Carnival' painter miro
'I can't talk now' callmelater
'I'll take that as ___' ano
'Nature is the ___ of God': Dante art
'Why should ___?' icare
'Zip it!' shush
1836 siege setting alamo
Alternative to grass hardcourt
Annual sporting event that is this puzzle's theme theusopen
Ape mimic
Blue hue aqua
Bourbon Street's locale, informally nola
Broadway's Cariou len
Canapé topper roe
Candidate for rehab abuser
Certain corp. takeover lbo
Chaney of silents lon
City grid: Abbr sts
City in Iraq's Sunni Triangle samarra
Clear the air? fan
Code you don't want to break omerta
College in Boston emerson
Computer command undo
Computer key alt
Conjunction in the Postal Service creed nor
Cybertrash spam
Dating profile section interests
Denims dungarees
Designer inits ysl
Designer Jacobs marc
Do well with thriveon
Dreams up ideates
Drip, drip, drip leak
Dweller along the Bering Sea aleut
Emotionally detached aloof
Employs wields
Enthusiasm zest
Film-related anagram of AMERICAN cinerama
First and last black key on a standard piano asharp
First name on the high bench elena
Fit to be tied outraged
Flowchart symbol arrow
Fly-by-night? bat
Follower of deuce advantage
Food with an unfortunate-sounding last two syllables falafel
Force (into) shoehorn
Forever and a day eon
Frenzy mania
Further and
Gas type: Abbr reg
Genius Bar employees techs
Get further mileage from reuse
Guy fella
How the Quran is written inarabic
Impotent helpless
Ingredient in a Dark 'n' Stormy rum
Inits. in 2010 news aca
It represents you avatar
It's meant to be fate
Italian car, informally alfa
James ___, Belgian painter in the movement Les XX ensor
Jungle predator jaguar
Lead-in to 'Man,' 'Woman' or 'Fool' in Top 40 hits ima
Lead-in to boy or girl atta
Lead-in to line base
Lightheaded woozy
Lion or tiger cat
Locale for Charlie Chan oahu
Location of 59-Across queensnewyork
Lot of back and forth? longrally
Louisville standout derbywinner
Low soccer score onenil
Many a presidential hopeful: Abbr sen
Metal fastener tnut
Much TV fare during the wee hours reruns
Muslim holy men imams
Navel formation? innie
NBC hit since '75 snl
Nellie who wrote 'Ten Days in a Mad-House' bly
Not for keeps onloan
Not renewed cancelled
Number on a trophy year
Old-timey retro
One at home, informally ump
One of a well-known septet envy
One of four on the annual tennis calendar major
One way to answer a server? backhandshot
Oscar-nominated George of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' segal
Oscar-winning film of 1984 amadeus
Ostracize shun
Outside: Prefix ecto
Paradigm exemplar
Part of U.S.T.A.: Abbr assn
Pérignon, for one dom
Place for a prize ceremony dais
Point of no return? ace
Proficient in adeptat
Purchases at tire shops rims
Really fancy adore
Really green lush
Red Sox Hall-of-Famer, to fans yaz
Relish eatup
Returned to earth? rotted
Revel carouse
Rod who was the 1977 A.L. M.V.P carew
Rugged, as a landscape stony
Saskatchewan native cree
Security agreement lien
Something to live for today
Sophocles tragedy electra
Spectators' area grandstand
Spot espy
Square dance maneuver dosido
Stadium name near Citi Field arthurashe
Standard info on stationery nowadays urls
Stingy sort? bee
Submerge bury
The 'L' of L.C.D least
The Eagles, on scoreboards phi
Things found in clogs feet
Three-person card game skat
Time to vote: Abbr tue
Towers over dwarfs
Treasure map markers xes
U. of Md. player terp
Underwater workplaces sealabs
Utterly uninspiring blah
Vegetable or pasta, e.g nonmeat
Vox V.I.P.s eds
When the diet starts, perhaps tomorrow
Whole host raft
Win every game sweep
Winning words gamesetmatch
Wittily insults zings
Wordsmith Peter Mark ___ roget
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