How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 25 2013

'Phooey!' OHDARN
'___ cool!' TOO
'___ who?' SEZ
11th-century hero, with 'El' CID
1990s craze MACARE
1991 P.G.A. champion John DALY
Abbr. on a lawyer's stationery ESQ
Apple line IMACS
Ask for money HITUP
Athlete's foot treatment TINACT
Author Nin ANAIS
Author Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
Auto parts giant NAPA
Bad thing for a roommate to do SNORE
Barrett of gossip RONA
Basil sauce PESTO
Berry used to make gin JUNEAU
Best-selling author who once worked for Britain's MI6 LECAR
Big kahunas TOPEKA
Blue flick NUDIE
Bosch's 'The Garden of Earthly Delights,' for one TRIPTYCH
British dessert, for short PUD
Bull or cow ELK
Butcher's tool CLEAV
Censure DENVER
Collapses CAVESIN
Connecticut city SHELT
Country crooner Randy TRAVIS
Court judgment LET
Cow's fly swatter TAIL
Crow, e.g TRIBE
Cry of epiphany EURE
Daisylike bloom ASTER
Darwin stopping point, with 'the' GALAPAGOS
Director George LUCAS
Disencumber RID
Drain SAP
Dummy DODO
Eccentric QUEER
Einstein and Camus ALBANY
Emergency Broadcast System opening THISISATEST
Epitome of cool, with 'the' FONZ
Experience you might want to forget ORDEAL
Fails to DOESNT
First acrylic fiber ORLON
Founder of the Missionaries of Charity TERESA
French possessive SES
French waves ONDES
Girl's name that's also a place name ERIN
Glacial SLOW
Goes down EBBS
Guaranteed RISKFREE
He wrote 'It is life near the bone where it is sweetest' THORE
Head of state? INTER
Hint-giving columnist HELENA
Hollywood's Davis GEENA
Home security system component SENSOR
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
Imitation APERY
In ___ UTERO
Is unwell AILS
It's been shortening for over 100 years CRISCO
Item whose name is derived from the Latin 'aquarius' EWER
Jeff Bridges sci-fi classic TRON
Kaley of 'The Big Bang Theory' CUOCO
Kind of treatment INPATIENT
Layered dessert TORTE
Lead singer on 'Octopus's Garden' RINGO
Like some codes PENAL
Lump in one's throat UVULA
Lustrous fabric SATEEN
Markdown markers SALETAGS
Massive ref OED
Maze explorer LABRAT
Medicine label info DOSAGE
Mentions CITES
New DNA evidence may lead to one RETRIAL
Nike rival CONVERSE
Not beat LOSETO
Obscure VEIL
One end of New York's Triborough Bridge ASTORIA
Pantry lineup JARS
Parenthesis shape ARC
Peyote and saguaro CACTI
Pixar movie between 'Toy Story' and 'Toy Story 2' ABUGSLIFE
Poet/dramatist Federico García ___ LORCA
Postwar prime minister ATTLEE
Pot user, maybe EELER
Prefix with musicology ETHNO
Provide with a quality ENDUE
Putting out on an anniversary, maybe REISSUING
Related on the mother's side ENATE
Religious art figures PIERRE
Renowned jeweler TIFFA
Rosemary feature AROMA
Rosemary piece SPRIG
Rossini's William Tell and others BARITONES
Rug fiber SISAL
Semis RIGS
Simpson case judge ITO
Singer Peniston CECE
Skinny INFO
Some bio majors PREMEDS
Some screens, for short LCDS
Spartan AUSTIN
Squad, e.g UNIT
Start of a count-off EENY
Stationery item: Abbr ENV
Still goopy, as concrete UNSET
Suffix with hard or soft WARE
Suggests EVOKES
Superlative for Sirius BRIGHTEST
Sweater option VNECK
They have pluses and minuses IONS
Thingamabobs DOODADS
Three, for a short hole PAR
Turn over CEDE
TV show on which Charlie Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox SPINCITY
Unprepared NOTREADY
Verse-writing POESY
Where Charlie may ride forever, in song MTA
White-suited 'Dukes of Hazzard' villain BOSTON
Words of explanation IDEST
Year the emperor Claudius was born TENBC
___ Moines DES
___ party TEA
___-pedi MANI
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