How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 21 2017

'A long time ___ in a galaxy far, far away ...' AGO
'Able was I ere I saw ___' ELBA
'But what if I'm wrong?' feeling DOUBT
'Can you give an example ...?' ASIN
'Do ___ others ...' UNTO
'Hey you!' PSST
'Oh, be quiet!' SHUSH
'Son ___ gun!' OFA
'Sure thing!' YOUBET
'___ a long story' ITS
2008 Pixar film about a robot WALLE
2016 Nobel laureate Bob DYLAN
Adore, cutesily LUV
Air-escaping-from-a-tire sound SSS
Angels' headwear HALOS
Audience members for a U.S.O. show GIS
Baldwin famous for his Donald Trump impersonation ALEC
Bales in a loft HAY
Bedcover made of patches QUILT
Brandish, as a weapon WIELD
City in southern France TOULON
Close tightly SEALUP
Comedian Philips EMO
Computer-savvy office fellow ITGUY
Containers for cookies or sewing supplies TINS
Disapproving syllable TSK
Dog doc VET
Done the backstroke, e.g SWUM
Ending with silver or soft WARE
Engender BEGET
Equipment for a motorcycle jump RAMP
Fast-food chain with a red-haired girl in its logo WENDYS
Feet in the city? (3 wds.) URBANLEGENDS
Financial spreadsheet column: Abbr YTD
Fish that's 62-Across spelled backward EEL
Food for whales PLANKTON
Friendly Communist ghost? (3 wds.) KINDREDSPIRIT
General who's 34-Down spelled backward LEE
Group carrying torches and pitchforks MOB
Hamilton's bill TEN
Head off to stare at some pictures? (3 wds.) GOOGLEIMAGES
Inventor of the cotton gin ELIWHITNEY
It guards a dribbler BIB
It's safe to click on a computer SECURELINK
Lawn tool EDGER
Mexican's emphatic assent SISI
Narrow street LANE
Patronize, as a hotel STAYAT
PC part, for short CPU
Player on first, second or third BASERUNNER
Praise highly TOUT
Prepared to pop the question, perhaps KNELT
Principal principle TENET
Sample TRY
Scents ODORS
Serbia's capital BELGRADE
Signify MEAN
Singer Midler BETTE
Sister's daughter NIECE
Slim monarch who gets around fast? (3 wds.) QUICKTHINKING
Something screwed into a lamp BULB
Something to mind ... in 18-, 24-, 47- and 58-Across THEGAP
Toronto's province: Abbr ONT
Tree whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabet YEW
Unhappy SAD
Vichyssoise or borscht SOUP
Wafer brand NILLA
Wave measurements AMPLITUDES
Wide-eyed AGOG
Wine cask TUN
With nothing omitted INFULL
Won every game SWEPT
Word after Holiday or Comfort INN
Young pooch PUP
___ Juan (lover) DON
___ monkey RHESUS
___ mortal MERE
___ one's time BIDE
___-friendly ECO
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