How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 19 2018

'Birds in an Aquarium' artist arp
'Game over' signal horn
'I, Claudius' attire toga
'Let It Go' singer, in film elsa
'Madam Secretary' airer cbs
'Peanuts' character pigpen
'Sonnets to Orpheus' poet rilke
'Te ___' (Rihanna gold single) amo
'Thanks in old age - thanks ___ I go': Whitman ere
'You said it!' andhow
Actor O'Shea milo
Article of apparel never worn by Winnie-the-Pooh pants
Attraction that dropped the word 'Center' from its name in 1994 epcot
Autumn bloom aster
Becomes grating to wearson
Bistro dessert gateau
Black church inits ame
Bluesman Willie lomax
Brewery sight vat
Bygone game console, in brief nes
C neighbors dflats
Cannes's Palme ___ dor
Carol Brady, to three of her kids stepmom
Cast slung
Catch something getsick
CDs, LPs, etc recs
Cinephile's guilty pleasure, perhaps bmovie
City known for its cheese gouda
Classic film narrated by Spencer Tracy howtheywonthewest
Climber's concern: Abbr elev
Clock setting east of Eastern: Abbr ast
Colorist's concern tint
Continuing education subj., often esl
Corporate department sales
Cover from view blotout
Cross-Atlantic flier, once, in brief sst
Crowd on a set extras
Debate again [sigh] rehash
Digs pad
Doctor's order labtest
Drake or Future rapper
Early morning setting? alarm
Egg time easter
Egyptian symbol of royalty asp
Empties (of) rids
Fail to hold sag
Fancy neckwear cravat
First Folio, e.g edition
Founder of a major appliance chain lowe
Fox News commentator Perino dana
Frederick III, for one kaiser
Fresh novel
Give up yield
Goes at a leisurely pace moseys
Great ___ ape
Hack axe
Handful few
Hankering yen
Hilo his alohas
Humphries of the N.B.A kris
Ill-fated NASA mission of 1967 apolloi
Impoverished inneed
It's often brown or blue iris
Jellied British delicacy eel
Jenga construction tower
Kerfuffles rows
Kind of bookstore used
Kurosawa who directed 'Ran' akira
Lead-in to bad news alas
Like '@#$!' profane
Like Columbus genoese
Like some bologna and golf shots sliced
Like some details gory
Like Vivaldi's 'Spring' ine
Measure of econ. health gnp
Mexican marinade adobo
Model Banks tyra
Mouse lookalike vole
Musician/singer whose name might be shouted in mock horror? ono
Newspaper section sports
Non-apology associated with several U.S. presidents peoplemademistakes
Not having quite enough cash short
Obeys a sentry, say halts
Obituary word nee
Old nuclear agcy aec
Old-fashioned weaponry sabers
One singing at the end? fatlady
Operatic baritone Pasquale ___ amato
Panegyrize extol
Peachy aok
Peak NW of Athens mtossa
Peninsula shared by Croatia and Slovenia istria
Place to treat yourself dayspa
Position job
Prefix with -pod iso
Protest tactic ... as suggested by 23-, 36-, 54-, 77- and 91-Across? passiveresistance
Pursue eagerly leapat
Really stood out shone
Regarding asto
Remains in the ground, often ashes
Remark commonly attributed to Queen Victoria thatdoesnotamuseus
Scotland's Fair ___ isle
Scottish dances reels
Searched without sight groped
Shaggy grazer yak
Show what's inside emote
Skating embarrassment fall
Snarl tangle
Some keys, informally ivories
Soviet author Ehrenburg ilya
Statement at the end of some trailers noonehasratedthisfilm
Surprised exclamations ohs
Takes a breather rests
The Bears of the Big 12 Conference baylor
The one that got away? escapee
The Temptations' 'Since ___ My Baby' ilost
Third-person form of 'être' est
Ticked off irate
Ticket info, briefly etd
Tikkanen who won five Stanley Cups esa
Tolkien creature ent
Tool that it takes two to operate pitsaw
Top hat go-with cane
Toy manufacturer's disclaimer weincludednobatteries
Trial for a future atty lsat
Turner who led a slave rebellion nat
Uncool sort dweeb
Underscore stress
Up-to-the-minute latest
Vulcans or Jawas, in brief ets
Was out for a bit napped
What might follow me? myself
Wheedles cajoles
When middle watch ends fouram
Where the Blues play: Abbr stl
Where the owl and the pussycat went, in poetry tosea
Word hitting two Triple Word Scores in Scrabble nonuple
Wyoming's ___ Range teton
Zip pep
___ provençale ala
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