How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 14 2016

'Enough!,' to a Roman BASTA
'Gimme!' MINE
'Hamilton' and '1776' MUSICALS
'I can't help you, but the Brady Bunch mom will be happy to assist'? HANDLEWITHCAROL
'I'm still waiting ...?' WELL
'Love Actually,' e.g ROMCOM
'___ me!' SPARE
65-Across producer, maybe EWE
A good thing to get out of RUT
A Swiss army knife has a lot of them USES
According to ___ (by the rules) HOYLE
Actress Streep playing a centenarian? THEOLDGRAYMERYL
Alaskan beer container? KODIAKBARREL
Arrondissement heads? TETES
Attacked, with 'out' LASHED
Attorney general's investigation target SCAM
Bad way to go? AWOL
Banana Republic competitor JCREW
Banished EXILED
Bathroom fixture BIDET
Battle of Hastings participants SAXONS
Beat the tar out of WHUP
Big name in Scotch DEWARS
Black ___ OPS
Body image grp TSA
Booking time SLOT
Bunny boss HEF
Buzz in space ALDRIN
Caligula, e.g TYRANT
Celsius of the Celsius scale ANDERS
Charges FEES
Charming group? COVEN
Co. captains? EXECS
Common calculus calculation AREA
Common soccer score ONENIL
Counterparts of files RANKS
Cream of the crop ALIST
Cutting costs? KNIVES
Debt for comedian Will? BILLOFFERRELL
Dept. of Labor branch OSHA
Died down ABATED
Disseminated SOWED
Done quickly HASTY
Driving aid MAP
Evident worrywart PACER
Fitness grp AMA
Focus of onomastics NAMES
Frost-covered biochemical solid? ICYSTEROL
Gallbladder neighbor LIVER
Gets ready to do a load, say SORTS
Good listeners EARS
Good shot? SNIPER
Greasy spoons DINERS
Green shampoo PRELL
Gulf cash DINAR
Gung-ho KEEN
Have a hole in one's heart ACHE
Heads for Britain? LOOS
Hell of a location? HADES
Honorific for a colleague ESTEEMED
Hung out LOLLED
It stops talking GAGORDER
James who sang 'Good Rockin' Daddy' ETTA
January detritus FIRS
Katherine who co-starred in '27 Dresses' HEIGL
Layers PLIES
Lies ahead AWAITS
Like a headlining act, typically LAST
Like actor Flynn post-dieting? THINERROL
Like dirty water MURKY
Like funk, now RETRO
Like the settings of typical Grant Wood paintings RURAL
Little fingers or toes MINIMI
Lose a tan, say PEEL
Low-___ RES
Macduff, for one THANE
Means of going down a 36-Down RAFT
Meatheads DODOS
Meets with SEES
Monopoly holding DEED
Monument Valley sighting BUTTE
Nat ___ (channel) GEO
Nervous people are on it EDGE
News show group PANEL
Not obvious to most SLY
Not wandering, say RAPT
Notable whistle blowers REFS
One of the Jacksons LATOYA
One stop on Chicago's Blue Line OHARE
One-eyed female on 'Futurama' LEELA
Original 'S.N.L.' cast member RADNER
P pronounced like an R RHO
Part of some small buildings LEGO
Pequod's co-owner PELEG
Pinkish orange CORAL
Plains dwellers CREE
Preceder of snaps HUTS
Product possibly named after a real physician DRPEPPER
Promote singer Crow's music? MARKETSHERYL
Protested from the stands JEERED
Rags-to-riches writer ALGER
Request from ASKOF
Risky business for a compiler of quotations? BARTLETTPERIL
Roused WOKEN
Ruckus STIR
Safe place VAULT
Sang gracefully LILTED
See 5-Across RAPID
Self-righteous types PRIGS
Shade in DARKEN
Signs (on) LOGS
Sirens, e.g ALERTS
SiriusXM star STERN
Small lump of tobacco WAD
Smart HIP
Some fine wool MERINO
Some True Value purchases TOOLSETS
Soup accompaniers, often SALTINES
Southwestern cliff dwellers HOPI
Subj. for an au pair, maybe ESL
Telemarketer's action COLDCALL
The Cascades, e.g RANGE
Thick-skinned grazer RHINO
Throat part CRAW
Tut-tutters PRUDES
Typographical no-no WIDOW
Unruffled SERENE
Uranium 238 and strontium 90 ISOTOPES
Vetoes NIXES
Who wrote 'A great flame follows a little spark' DANTE
Wilderness Road trailblazer BOONE
___ acid BORIC
___ Durkheim, so-called 'father of sociology' EMILE
___ Kitchen (frozen food brand) AMYS
___ park THEME
___ the top OVER
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