How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 13 2010

'Chéri' novelist, 1920 COLETTE
1898 Émile Zola letter JACCUSE
1939 Giraudoux play ONDINE
1953 A.L. M.V.P. who played for the Indians ALROSEN
A pound of Turkey? ONELIRA
ABC newsman Potter and others NEDS
Adjacency ABUTTAL
Alarmist's topic DOOM
Alternatives to Civics SENTRAS
As a welcome change FORONCE
Ball-bearing article TEE
Be able to nail MASTER
Brown, then red, then brown again, maybe REDYED
Calms down SEDATES
Castro's 'enemy to whom we had become accustomed' KENNEDY
Clerical clipping TONSURE
Combining workers REAPERS
Company whose logo is a lantern COLEMAN
Dads, in dialect PAPS
Dirty campaigner SMEARER
Empty, at a port, say UNLADEN
Entertainer with the gag reply 'What elephant?' DURANTE
Fangorn Forest race ENTS
Get moving ANIMATE
Gets through ENDURES
Handle on a ranch TEX
Have covered INSURE
Homo found in 1891 JAVAMAN
It's often cleaned up by a barber NAPE
Kind of campaign MAYORAL
Like many seals EARLESS
Like some bedding SATIN
Like tractors TREADED
Literary title character called 'a pure woman' TESS
Make some new connections in REWIRE
Meat curer NITRITE
Midpoint of morning watch SIXAM
Mother who never had a delivery? ADOPTER
Noted password user ALIBABA
One not seated? ALSORAN
One of its groups is rec.puzzles USENET
Person getting way up there? OLDSTER
Port container CASK
Preceder of a bit of bad news ALAS
Put down DERIDE
Start of a form to fill out LINEONE
Start up, as electronic equipment POWERON
Trees, hills, etc. SCENERY
Tries to make out PEERSAT
Two-wheeler SCOOTER
Unit for 14-Down SHEAF
Use for support RELYON
Was a joint tenant? DIDTIME
What may make you bats? LATHE
Whatever happens, after 'at' ANYRATE
Withdraws (oneself) ABSENTS
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