How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 07 2008

'Not so loud!' TONEITDOWN
'To ___ not to ...' BEOR
1965 Yardbirds hit IMAMAN
About to collapse, say RUNNINGONEMPTY
Aesthetically pleasing ratio of antiquity GOLDENMEAN
Al ___ DENTE
Alumna identifier NEE
Amu ___, Asian river DARYA
Anniversary gift for the year after pottery TIN
Another co-star of the film hidden in this puzzle GABLE
Apt name for a fiftyish Roman woman? LIV
Backup cause CLOG
Beatles song that begins 'Is there anybody going to listen to my story' GIRL
Bill of ___ (shipping document) LADING
BlackBerry output: Abbr. MSGS
British weight TONNE
Bull Halsey in W.W. II, e.g.: Abbr. ADM
Co-star of the film whose title is hidden sequentially in 20-, 34-, 41- and 52-Across LEIGH
Command to Fido STAY
Coppers HEAT
Costa ___, Calif. MESA
Curer SALT
DHL delivery: Abbr. CTN
Eliot Ness, notably, for short TMAN
Eponymous instrument maker Robert MOOG
Eroded WORE
Essence GIST
German-built auto OPEL
Get shaking HIE
Get ___ for the night AROOM
Giant tusk holders MAMMOTHS
Hard wood TEAK
Hip bones ILIA
Hotel freebie ICE
Inflict upon DOTO
It makes pets pests ESS
It's made in a squeeze ADE
Items unlikely to be stored on the top shelf STEPSTOOLS
Japanese aborigine AINU
Latin lover's word? AMAT
Leaf feature LOBE
Like some columns IONIC
Literally, 'peaceful' person HOPI
Locale of Sitting Bull Coll. NDAK
Mountain where Moses died, in the Bible NEBO
Not the main rte. ALT
Object of a hunt in a 1984 best seller REDOCTOBER
Pester NAGAT
Plea from the plate THROWITHOME
Poetic preposition ERE
Point out NOTE
Quatrain form ABAA
Queen's subject? DRONE
Retired Audi supermini ATWO
Show host EMCEE
Singles players DJS
Some W.W. I code talkers CHOCTAWINDIANS
Some yeses NODS
Spook's employer, with 'the' AGENCY
Squabbling ATIT
Subject for Freud EROS
Subject of modern research STEMCELL
Suggest HINTAT
Take off SOAR
Usher's domain AISLE
Verdi's 'Di Provenza il mar,' e.g. ARIA
Was at the Colosseum? ERAT
What a server may serve EMAIL
When brunch may be scheduled ATTEN
Wing: Abbr. ADDN
___ Brothers (pop trio) JONAS
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