How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 06 2014

'Atten-TION!,' e.g ORDER
'Catch-22' character who 'hasn't got brains enough to be unhappy' ORR
'High Hopes' lyricist Sammy CAHN
'It's f-f-freezing!' BRRR
'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes' lyricist Harbach OTTO
'You're right about that' SOITIS
1998 Alanis Morissette hit with a slangy misspelling THANKU
53 for I, e.g ATNO
Actress ___ Rachel Wood EVAN
Año part MES
Article in Arnsberg EINE
Bad character? TYPO
Big source of coll. scholarships ROTC
Black JET
Book of Mormon prophet ENOS
British pound, informally ONER
British pound, informally QUID
Cat collar sound TINKLE
Cavalier's sch UVA
Central INNER
Choice cut LOIN
Classic Nestlé drink QUIK
Company's end? INC
Dancer Duncan ISADORA
Deceitful SHIFTY
Dreyfus Affair chronicler ZOLA
Driveway topper TAR
Drone regulator, in brief FAA
Dust collector CLOTH
Flat fish RAY
Florida port, briefly JAX
French chicken dish garnished with kernels? CORNONTHECOQ
Frequent, in odes OFT
Functional UTILE
How the police might investigate someone ONATIP
Intensify HEATUP
It can give you a lift TBAR
Jets' victory over the Colts in Super Bowl III, famously UPSET
John who won two Pulitzers for fiction UPDIKE
Key periods ERAS
Lie in the hot sun BROIL
Like the sport of jai alai BASQUE
Literary giant from Concord, Mass ALCOTT
Longtime teammate of 12-Down KOBE
Longtime teammate of 67-Across SHAQ
Lower-class, in Leeds NONU
M.M.A. decision TKO
Memorable 2005 Gulf hurricane RITA
Not more than ATMOST
Ones working on a case-by-case basis?: Abbr ESQS
Patterned (after) MODELED
Philosopher who asked 'What is enlightenment?' KANT
Play callers, for short QBS
Printout problem BLOT
Prudential rival AETNA
Quad part DORM
Quartet on an online help page? THEFAQFOUR
Rapper with the 2008 hit 'Paper Planes' MIA
Rapper with the autobiography 'The Way I Am' EMINEM
Royal ending to a mathematical proof? QUEENSIZEQED
Singer David Lee ___ ROTH
Some brothers FRAS
Something good for a scout, say DEED
Summer event, briefly ... or a phonetic hint to 19-, 26-, 47- and 53-Across BBQ
The Time Traveler's hosts ELOI
This: Sp ESTA
Totally puzzle STUMP
Tribal symbol of luck JUJU
Trick-or-treater's cause UNICEF
Trick-or-treater's wear MASK
Trig. function COS
Warhead carrier, for short ICBM
What Ben stitched for his business partner? JERRYQUILT
Where business is picking up? TAXI
Whitish ASHEN
Yearbook sect JRS
___ Reader UTNE
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