How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 06 1997

'Battle Cry' author URIS
'Boy, that was close!' PHEW
'Nuts!' DARN
'Piece of cake' CANDO
'Rule, Britannia' composer ARNE
'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' spinoff PHYLLIS
'The Thin Man' dog ASTA
'Who, me?' MOI
A dime, dollarwise TENTH
Actress Beulah BONDI
Actress Kurtz SWOOSIE
All clocks are set by it: Abbr. GMT
Arafat's org. PLO
Bakery call NEXT
Barks ARFS
Bolivian capital SUCRE
Boxer LaMotta JAKE
Brains SENSE
Calamitous DIRE
Cap that may be partly plaid TAM
Close in films GLENN
Communications giant GTE
Considerate KIND
Court stat ASSIST
Decides to use ADOPTS
Devoid of rocks? NEAT
Festive GALA
Filer's aid EMERY
First name in rock ELTON
First sign of spring ARIES
Get in a good one on ZING
Grocery coupon value CENTS
Hideout LAIR
Hudson, e.g. RIVER
Jai ___ ALAI
Jivers CATS
Like new MINT
Lumber mill fixture RIPSAW
Mass. hours EST
Means to an end STEPPINGSTONE
Menu selection ENTREE
Musicians' org. ASCAP
Northwest Pennsylvania city ERIE
One whose work is always changing DYER
Passageway DUCT
Plumbing convenience RUNNINGWATER
Rack site OVEN
Reinking and Richards ANNS
River through Bern AARE
Rose part STEM
Rx writers MDS
Scull OAR
Sebastiania seeds JUMPINGBEANS
Semi support AXLE
Sen. Thurmond STROM
Short on cash STRAPPED
Sleep state REM
Soeur's sibling FRERE
Southwestern saloon CANTINA.
Takes it easy LOLLS
Thief's secret STASH
Tre + quattro SETTE
Troy story ILIAD
Understanding GRASP
Watchers EYERS
Wharf QUAY
Where Virgo meets Libra, e.g. CUSP
With old-fashioned charm QUAINTLY
Woodworking tool ADZ
Xmas gift recipient DAD
___-Tiki KON
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