How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 05 2001

'Camelot' composer LOEWE
'Hold On Tight' group ELO
'Rocky III' actor MRT
'___ ed Euridice' (Gluck opera) ORFEO
1934 hit '___ Dinka Doo' INKA
1967 Rookie of the Year ORR
Abu ___ DHABI
Add more lubricant REOIL
Agitated ABOIL
Alternative nickname to Pat TRISH
Apparatus with pedals LOOM
Arrive, as darkness SETIN
Attorney General nominee Baird ZOE
Azerbaijan and Ukraine, once: Abbr. SSRS
Best part CREAM
Big Apple inits. NYC
Black ___ cattle ANGUS
Blame ONUS
Bradley and Epps OMARS
Branch Davidians leader KORESH
Brand of light beer AMSTEL
C.I.A.'s forerunner OSS
Calls for NEEDS
Capek play RUR
Carrot, e.g. ROOT
Certain copy MIMEO
Cinema showings SHORTS
Closing act? SALE
Commotion STIR
Consultation sites ORACLES
Corn syrup brand KARO
Crime boss CAPO
Door part JAMB
Engine MOTOR
Eulogizes EXTOLS
Farm animals SOWS
Fashion designer Gernreich RUDI
Figures for poker players LIMITS
Flugelhorn's cousin CORNET
Friend of Françoise AMIE
Function WORK
Give out ASSIGN
Grammy category RAP
Guinness and others ALECS
Half of seis TRES
Have an evening meal SUP
Hearst magazine REDBOOK
Helps in a heist ABETS
Highway sign abbr. JCT
Hog haven STY
Hun-armed bandit? ATTILA
Icicles' starting points EAVES
Idolizes ADORES
In the slightest degree ATALL
Indian dress SARI
Internet novice NEWBIE
Intervals of an octave and a second NINTHS
Jaguar, e.g. CAR
Japanese dog AKITA
Kind of tea PEKOE
Letter abbr. MESSRS
Like a palooka OAFISH
Like many a first-grader SIX
Magician in 'The Tempest' PROSPERO
Methane's lack ODOR
Mil. chief CDR
Modern June birthstone PEARL
Most humid DANKEST
Narrow inlet RIA
NATO member: Abbr. GER
Noblewoman PEERESS
Not e'en once NEER
Not std. IRR
Numbskulls BOZOS
Occupied INUSE
One of Taylor's eight TODD
One of the Challenger astronauts MCNAIR
Onion made of a sturdy cotton fabric? JEANSHALLOT
Orchard unit BUSHEL
Part of A.F.B. AIR
People who live next to a Y? GYMNEIGHBORS
Photo PIC
Place to get a screwdriver BAR
Popular street name ELM
Potsie's pal, with 'the' FONZ
Praying actions cause ennui? KNEELSBORE
Puts gems on a flute player? JEWELSFIFER
Reddish purple LILAC
Rest time: Abbr. SAB
River to the Caspian URAL
Ruins a good book? WRECKSREAD
Sabrina of 'The Cosby Show' LEBEAUF
Satiate a ghost? FILLSPECTER
Sch. groups PTAS
Sci. of insects ENTOM
Scottish explorer John RAE
Scratched-up leather straps? CLAWEDREINS
Second versions REDRAFTS
See-___ THRU
Series enders OMEGAS
Shostakovich's 'Babi ___' Symphony YAR
Singer Bonnie RAITT
Sodium hydroxide, to a chemist NAOH
Some computers CLONES
Some sprays AEROSOLS
Sound of fright EEK
Stalactite former DRIP
Start to fix? PRE
Stealin' from a bloodsucker? ROBBINLEECH
Street on a snow-covered hill PICABO
Switch heads? RETITLE
Sycophant TOADY
Terse crackling sound? CURTRUSTLE
Tiny bit DAB
Tiny openings PORES
Torah holders ARKS
Tote a narrow opening? CARRYFISSURE
Turkish mountain ARARAT
Two-seater SURREY
Vacation by a pier? DOCKHOLIDAY
Wall St. worker ARB
Washing machine part AGITATOR
Worked the soil, in a way HARROWED
Workers' rights grp. NLRB
Writer with the pen name Saki MUNRO
Year in Sergius III's papacy CMVI
Zhivago's love LARA
Zine reader FAN
___ flash INA
___ Mawr, Pa. BRYN
___ May of 'The Beverly Hillbillies' ELLY
___ soit qui mal y pense HONI
___-Ball SKEE
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