How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 04 2010

'99 Luftballons' band, 1984 NENA
'My dear ___' SIR
'My ___ Private Idaho,' 1991 film OWN
'Sounds good!' YES
'Top Gun' target MIG
1960s band with a car-related name, with 'the' GTOS
Alternative to mushroom or sausage PEPPERONI
Anything to talk about TOPIC
Big name in pet food IAMS
Blow away AWE
Break a fast EAT
Busy bee DOER
Clock face DIAL
Comic Charlotte RAE
Czech currency KORUNA
Dagger in 'The Mikado' SNEE
Dept. of Defense branch USN
Dolly who sang '9 to 5' PARTON
Egypt-to-Niger dir. WSW
Embezzled, e.g. STOLE
Enthusiastic flamenco cry OLEOLE
Fanatic NUT
Fit for the throne REGAL
Gorged, gorged and gorged some more, informally ATEUPASTORM
Halves of qts. PTS
Humid day hair problem FRIZZ
ID entered on every I.R.S. form SSN
Impolite RUDE
It may have wire binding STENOPAD
It's mastered in a studio AUDIO
Lip-puckering SOUR
Many a Twitter message ONESENTENCE
Minuscule, informally EENSY
Mozart's 'Ave Verum Corpus' and others MOTETS
N.F.L. stats TDS
Neighbor of Java BALI
Norms: Abbr. STDS
Nothing, in Nantes RIEN
Number after many a state postal abbr. ZIP
Oceans TONS
One with no tan lines NUDIST
Oranges, reds and golds FALLTONES
Pageant crowns TIARAS
Part of the U.S. south of the Equator SAMOA
Part of un archipiélago ISLA
Petrify ... or what five alternating words in 17-, 23-, 29-, 43- and 50-Across can do? TURNTOSTONE
Playground retort ARETOO
RC, e.g. COLA
Reason for a service break at Wimbledon? TEA
Residents of 10 Downing St. PMS
Road runners AUTOS
Robert Frost poem about a snowfall THEONSET
Rx for Parkinson's LDOPA
Sail support MAST
Sch. in Columbus OSU
Shaped like pizza slices WEDGY
Shopaholic's indulgence SPREE
Some drums SNARES
Spellbound INATRANCE
Stiff ballet shoe part TOE
Swearing-in phrase IDO
Taxonomy suffix ZOA
The Pirates of the N.C.A.A. SETONHALL
The Titanic, for one STEAMSHIP
Time: Prefix CHRONO
Trees loved by squirrels OAKS
Undemanding courses EASYAS
Unwritten reminders MENTALNOTES
Urban commuter's aid BUSMAP
Viewed SEEN
Volunteer's cry IWILL
Was a sounding board LENTANEAR
Western, in slang OATER
Wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am types CADS
Wimbledon do-over LET
Zen enlightenment SATORI
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