How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 03 1999

'Able was ___...' IERE
'American Pie' singer Don MCLEAN
'But wait, there's ___!' MORE
'Get away!' SCAT
'Melt in your mouth' candy MANDMS
'My Cousin Vinny' star JOEPESCI
'Oh' de Cologne? ACH
'Sprechen ___ Deutsch?' SIE
'The Screwtape Letters' writer CSLEWIS
1978 Burt Reynolds film HOOPER
Airport info: Abbr. ETDS
Aptly named fruit UGLI
At no time, in poetry NEER
Author Umberto ECO
Azerbaijani's neighbor ARMENIAN
Bathhouse CABANA
Be in debt to OWE
Bid, in bridge DECLARED
Bike stick-on DECAL
Cater basely PANDER
Closely trimmed SHAVEN
Common cleanser BORAX
Constantly find fault with NAG
Corn leftovers COBS
District AREA
Dow Jones Average, e.g. INDEX
Eliot Ness, e.g. TMAN
Evades, as work SHIRKS
Flexible LIMBER
German-built car OPEL
Golden rule word UNTO
Got 100% on ACED
Greek odist PINDAR
High points MAXIMA
Ingredient in many cereals BRAN
Inverse math function ARCSINE
It precedes 'Blastoff!' ONE
Kind of dive SWAN
Kind of page OPED
Kind of: Suffix ISH
Leon Uris novel THEHAJ
Make drinks BARTEND
March of ___ DIMES
Mark for life SCAR
No-goodnik BADEGG
Novelist Seton ANYA
Pal of Piglet POOH
Person who looks exactly like another DEADRINGER
Person who looks exactly like another IDENTICALTWIN.
Person who looks exactly like another BODYDOUBLE
Plotting group CABAL
Porterhouse, e.g. STEAK
Prepare, as incoming students ORIENT
Prodigy alternative, for short AOL
Propped open, perhaps AJAR
Radarange maker AMANA
Response to 'Are too!' AMNOT
Sauce thickener ROUX
School for martial arts DOJO
Some people lock them HORNS
Son of, in Arabic names IBN
Stiletto or dirk DAGGER
Stock up on again REORDER
Storage box BIN
Tinker to ___ to Chance EVERS
Turn away SPURN
Union Pacific et al.: Abbr. RRS
Unprincipled AMORAL
VCR button REC
Verne captain NEMO
Vice President from Tennessee ALGORE
Waikiki's island OAHU
Winter driving hazard ICESHEET
Yearn (for) ACHE
Young boy LAD
___ y plata (Montana's motto) ORO
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