How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 30 2019

'America the Beautiful' pronoun thee
'Believe it,' as a retort way
'Eww, you've said quite enough!' tmi
'Gross!' ick
'Most assuredly, monsieur!' oui
'Othello' villain iago
'Raw' or 'burnt' hue umber
'That is to say ...' imean
'The very ___!' idea
'Willy ___ & the Chocolate Factory' wonka
'___ No Sunshine' (1971 hit for Bill Withers) aint
*Actor's stand-in bodydouble
*Relative of a facepalm headslap
*Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band with the hits 'The Flame' and 'I Want You to Want Me' cheaptrick
*Track-and-field event longjump
A panda, for the World Wildlife Fund logo
Actress Witherspoon reese
Adorer fan
Amaze stun
Ambulance sound siren
Basic point gist
Bible garden eden
Cannonball dive effect splash
Caustic solutions lyes
Cereal morsel oat
City choker smog
Dance floor request mayicutin
Den denizen lion
Did a whole lot of nothing idled
Egyptian cobra asp
Enamored (of) fond
Et cetera andsoon
Falco of TV and film edie
Fall-for-anything gullible
Feudal worker serf
Ghana's capital accra
Greek counterpart of Jupiter zeus
Green chip dip, informally guac
Had a little lamb, say? ate
Hockey puck, e.g disc
Install, as carpet lay
Intimated gotat
Lab container vial
Lean, as a ship list
Letters accompanying college applications, for short recs
Lindsay of 'Mean Girls' lohan
Lone Star State sch utep
Luau greeting aloha
Narrow advantage edge
Nickname for Dad papi
Palindromic boy's name otto
Patron saint of lost causes jude
Pretentious, in modern lingo fakedeep
Rainbow mnemonic roygbiv
Reviews of books and such: Abbr crit
See 31-Down simone
See 38-Across shots
Seeks the opinion of consults
Setting for the 'Iliad' troy
Sights along lane closures cones
Sine ___ non qua
Solemn vow oath
South African money rand
Spicy Chinese cuisine szechuan
Store window sign open
Swerves veers
Synthetic fabric that feels like silk rayon
Tablets with Retina display ipads
Two-time Masters champion Watson bubba
Upright onend
Weaver's device loom
What an emoji might reveal mood
What to call it when it's over quits
Where chewing tobacco is placed cheek
With 28-Down, multisubject photos ... or a hint to the answers to the four starred clues group
With 44-Down, jazz great who sang 'I Put a Spell on You' nina
With frenzy amok
Youth-oriented Condé Nast publication teenvogue
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